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The Balanced Scorecard is the best way of performance measurement in organizations that considers both financial and non-financial measures and makes equipoise between both internal and external shareholders and also between Short-term and long-term goals; BSC presents a full and complete image of the system but this image is static, In addition this measurement system suffers from internal biases.
The baseball player, let's say the shortstop, in equipoise, knows the pitch count, the number of outs, where the runners are on base, and the batter's likely response to certain pitches.
EVENT:Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) announced the results of the independent study conducted by petroleum and gas industry specialists ERC Equipoise Limited (ERCE) on the company's Logababfield.
But at the heart of Advani's message was the call for the party to recover the realistic roots of its Vajpayee era political equipoise.
The Indian Foreign Ministry bosses should instead try and discover an alternative approach that equipoise the concerns of enforcing a regime change and the ethical obligation of protecting the rights of equality and justice in the interest of not only the oppressed Syrians but also those six million expatriate Indians working in the region away from home for years together.
There has been little sense of the evolution of the city from Regency equipoise to imperial grandeur, nor a detailed chronology of how London was viewed by the large number of artists living there, many of whom were visiting from overseas or from elsewhere in Britain.
years of many marryings and births, sun and rain and food in equipoise.
Probiotics and prebiotics are interventions available to practitioners and the lay public alike to correct intestinal dysbiosis and restore symbiotic microbial equipoise.
It's presumptuous to say that parents can't be part of this decision for their children when there is reasonable equipoise in the risk-benefit equation.
Lara and colleagues would add patient and physician lack of equipoise to the above list.
Even if we accept that from the purely scientific point of view it might be preferable to continue to randomize patients concurrently to experimental and standard treatments, having started in equipoise, it is highly likely that a point will be reached where we have a hunch that one treatment is better than another.
However, the name was rejected on the basis that equipoise was an existing word and they settled for the name Anglepoise, that today immediately conjures people's fond memories of a light designed to be completely flexible.