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The present does not restore a glorious yet lost age; the equipollence of Pizarro and the Marquis of Castelfuerte is not narrative, but valorative--a literal equi-valentia, for the geometry is not "de la historia," but rather "del honor.
Hegel considered the challenges of Ancient skepticism, with its destructive equipollence method, more daunting than those of Modern skeptics, including, in his assessment, figures like Hume and Schulze.
In Chapter 4, Forster deals with the Pyrrhonian crisis that Kant underwent in the mid-1760s, which made him realize that there were conflicting but equally persuasive metaphysical claims and that this situation of equipollence led to suspension of judgment.
Often in Pico, "judgement is interrupted, rather than suspended" (18); at other times, epoche is absent, since it is not equipollence that is being discussed, but "the falsity at play in all human controversies" (19).
What is not mentioned in the modern Arabist literature, as far as I know, is that these endings can also function as discourse markers, in particular, as devices indicating interpersonal status as well as a shift in interpersonal status: the a ending expresses dependence while the u ending marks equipollence or signals interpersonal status shift.
Like ancient skeptics, he hopes to achieve equipollence, so that he can completely suspend judgment.
27) According to Forster, Hegel sought to meet Pyrrhonian equipollence arguments (the trope that finds, for any thesis or position, an apparently equally plausible counter-thesis or position) by developing a position that includes all alternative theses or positions (so that his view has no alternative), by arguing that all supposed alternatives to this position are ultimately incoherent.