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1 I consider the question whether the aspectual opposition in Chechen is privative or equipollent.
This concept specifies the economy of the archaic narcissistic equilibrium in which, due to its extreme mirror-schizoid bivalency, symbiotic omnipotence and impotence are equipollent and conterminous.
As pointed out above, coordinated Acts can be either equipollent or dependent.
S'il est exact de dire que le contrat de mandat confere au mandataire un pouvoir de representation, il est aussi indeniable que le pouvoir de representation n'est pas un equipollent du mandat puisque ce pouvoir est souvent confere en dehors de toute convention, par la loi ou par un tribunal (33).
Grossman presents Whitman's poetry as a kind of "policy" for preserving union, characterizing the formal innovation of Whitman's line as "an unprecedented trope of inclusion": "Whitman has devised a universal 'conjunctive principle' whose manifest structure is the sequence of end-stopped, nonequivalent, but equipollent lines.
I find the single mind equipollent to a multitude of minds, say to a nation of minds," he writes, "as a drop of water balances the sea; and under this view the problem of culture assumes wonderful interest" (W 8:217).
Name and function are meant as equipollent, both being essential and inseparable constituent parts of every object".
Moreover, the Pyrrhonist has found that whenever there is a question about which he does need to decide what to believe--on account of the "anomalies in things" which drove him (and the proto-Dogmatist) to philosophy in the first place (PH I, 12)--philosophical argumentation actually does not enable him to settle the matter but leaves him with equipollent arguments on both sides of the issue.
Frede, having noted that we cannot justifiably take such arguments to be dogmatic, suggests that in offering them "the Skeptics are simply following their usual strategy of providing equipollent arguments on both sides of every issue" (184).
Both neurologist [Sacks] and psychoanalyst [Anzieu] perceive their patients' discomfort or suffering to be intimately bound up with some form of corporeally effective loss; recovery consists in equipollent corporeal reappropriation.
The twentieth century is equipollent with the rest -- `recent' history equal with remote.
What leads him to suspend judgement is the striking impression that evidence is equipollent, and that nothing pulls him to one conclusion.