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Chassis cab equipped with 7,5 t dual flow: Min 1 / maxi 1 cab chassis equipped 16 t: Mini 1 / maxi 5 chassis cabs equipped 26 t: Mini 1 / maxi 5 cab chassis equipped with dual-flow 26 t: Mini 1 / maxi 5 chassis cabin equipped 19 t mini 1 / maxi 5 chassis cabin equipped 26 t reinforced for the collection of bulky and green waste mini 1 / maxi 1.
Missile frigates and destroyers have been equipped with these missiles since long time ago and the surface-to-surface missiles of the logistic vessels were successfully tested and assessed during the recent naval wargames, dubbed as Joushan," Navy's Deputy Commander for Operations Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi told FNA.
Radios equipped with a five-pin audio connector can use either the H-250 or the H-350.
KLM's 45-strong 737 fleet already has been fitted with new interiors and its 18 737-800s/-900s have been equipped with the lighter Recaro 3510 seat.
The battalion is being equipped with 440 Land Warrior systems and 147 Mounted Warrior Systems for the assessment.
Equipped with satellite television, gas fireplaces and outdoor barbecues, some cottages are hidden from neighbors, while others are a stone's throw away.
The Special Needs Vehicle Zone will feature the STEP WGN side lift-up seat vehicle, the Fit equipped with Honda's Franz System, and a vehicle equipped with Honda's Techmatic driving assistance system, among other customized Honda vehicles.
In order to provide the advanced visual processing power for 3D applications, the Actius AL3D comes equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 graphic processing unit driven by PCI Express for faster bus performance with 128 MB of dedicated graphics memory.
When equipped with hydraulic couplers, which allow for quick attachment changes, Case's Shaefer points out that wheel loaders can be equipped with forks, scrap grapple buckets and brooms, increasing their versatility and utilization.
Using a 400 ton Maplan horizontal injection press equipped with automatic demolding, the press runs operator free.