equipped with arms

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Malik said that foreign hand is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, adding that terrorists are being funded and equipped with arms by foreign elements.
He visited every nook and corner of both old and new Judicial Complexes and examined all the entry points wherefrom any miscreant equipped with arms and ammunitions may manage entry into the complex.
AJK police, equipped with arms, is providing round-the-clock security to the workers engaged in the ongoing construction work for raising of Mangla Dam.
PKFs should be equipped with arms adequate enough to defend personnel dispatched from other countries.
For instance, in the Terai Central Range in Udhamsinghnagar District, braving the rains, a team, specially equipped with arms and gear, guards the forests at night to save valuable vegetation and resources.
ISLAMABAD, February 08, 2012 (Frontier Star): PPP MNA Ijaz Wirk said on Tuesday that two members of the National Assembly are routinely equipped with arms during the session in a sheer violation of the rules.
MQM delegates including Zonal Incharge Larkana Ubaid Buledi and MPA Hergovindas said that Talibans are well equipped with arms and ammunition and posing threats for peace of Sindh, added they are gradually moving from urban to rural areas to destabilize the country and deteriorate peace and harmony of country they said.
He said 45000 policemen of Khyber Pakthunkhwa are now better equipped with arms and ammunition than before and are ready to thwart the enemy's nefarious designs.
The troops were fully equipped with arms, ammunition and dry rations to enable them to go into battle as soon as they hit the ground.
Then these elements were prepared and equipped with arms, ammunitions, resources and slogans to crush the foreign forces that had invaded Afghanistan, and today the same weapons and slogans have become our problem and we are up against terrorism.
Design specifications paid particular attention to wide doors, which are equipped with arms to assist people with special needs.