equipped with arms

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These persons were allegedly involved in disguising as police party equipped with arms entered peoples home and looting them.
The terrorists four in number equipped with arms and ammunition today stormed Christian Colony in Warsak after targeting the security guard.
Every police station, be it at an isolated place, is equipped with arms and ammunitions and a professional staff," Joint Commissioner of Police, South Western Range, Dependra Pathak, told Mail Today.
He said that a big contingent of police personnel led by him reached to the spot when they received information about the incident of firing on police party by a group of militants and not only cordoned off the area but also take position against the militants equipped with arms and ammunitions.
The boats are equipped with arms, ammunition and communications systems, for riverine operations on Nile.
The arming of officers on routine patrol comes after a row about police being equipped with arms when responding to domestic incidents in the Highlands.
No power in the Syrian conflict is going to become more dominant militarily compared to the other when all sides are being equipped with arms.
His proposals ranged from the occasionally outlandish to the deeply practical, but there was inevitably an underlying theme: that the Lebanese could and should be in charge of Lebanon, that outsiders (as well as those insiders equipped with arms and money provided by outsiders) should not be the ones to set the agenda for Lebanon.
Design specifications paid particular attention to wide doors, which are equipped with arms to assist people with special needs.
Then these elements were prepared and equipped with arms, ammunitions, resources and slogans to crush the foreign forces that had invaded Afghanistan, and today the same weapons and slogans have become our problem and we are up against terrorism.
He said 45000 policemen of Khyber Pakthunkhwa are now better equipped with arms and ammunition than before and are ready to thwart the enemy's nefarious designs.
And holding this is a fifth and final head, bright green and equipped with arms that project from where its ears should be.