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adj. 1) just, based on fairness and not legal technicalities. 2) refers to positive remedies (orders to do something, not money damages) employed by the courts to solve disputes or give relief. (See: equity)

EQUITABLE. That which is in conformity to the natural law. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 83.

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TABLE 6 PCA eigenvector matrix of the main limnological variables estimated in Northwestern reservoirs Variables e1 e2 pH -0.25 0.22 Conductivity 0.05 0.17 T[grados]C 0.20 0.14 % DO 0.33 0.14 Turbidity 0.15 0.39 Secchi -0.30 0.08 nno3 0.21 -0.31 P-PRS 0.14 0.37 Chl-a -0.36 0.03 Algal density -0.05 0.38 Diversity 0.39 -0.02 Richness 0.33 0.09 Equitability 0.36 -0.06
Additionally, equitability has been used as an indicator representing whether all members participate to a similar degree without monopolizing behavior, in collaborative learning (Calvani et al., 2010; Li et al., 2007).
The high value of the Simpson index and the low values of Shannon-Wiener and equitability indexes (Table 1) indicate a dominance and high frequency of A.
Opposition parties have voiced disagreement not only with the "equitability" clause but also with the prospect of accepting different priority rights to property (lawful owner versus user) in each constituent state of reunified Cyprus.
Even when dealing with neighbouring areas under the same climatic conditions, evaluation of the floristic composition showed significant patterns of variation for the phytosociological indices, diversity, equitability and similarity between different environments.
In this article, the following hypotheses are being tested: (i) ANN is suitable to estimate the Shannon Index and Pielou Equitability Index and (ii) ANN can provide biologically accurate and realistic estimates for the Shannon Index and Pielou Equitability Index.
The structural ecological indices used to derive the results from this work are the ShannonWeaver H 'diversity index and the E equitability index.
In addition, the equitability was calculated according to the formula J' = H'/ln S, where H' is the Shannon-Weaver index and S is the total number of food components found in the sample.
The structure of the Ichthyofauna of Chumbeiro Stream was analyzed in terms of absolute frequency and abundance, and relative frequency and abundance, for each point, as well as by the Shannon-Wiener diversity index (H' = - [summation]pi logpi, where pi is the relative frequency of species i), equitability (J = H'/[H'.sub.max], where H' is the Shannon diversity index and [H'.sub.max][maximum diversity] is the logarithm of species richness) and Simpson's dominance index (D = [summation] [pi.sup.2]; Ludwig & Reynolds, 1988).
The procedures include completing the VAT law, which is currently partially applied, with the aim of ensuring social equitability and to resolve the issues in the current system.
"We are calling for equitability and a reconsideration of our rightful case after we were treated unfairly," said spokesperson Mustafa Nouh.