equitable treatment

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The foregoing treaty structure is consistent with the tentative reading of the protection and security and fair and equitable treatment standards suggested above in Part II.
The senators called for safety and equitable treatment to all Pakistanis, regardless of their religion.
Seeking to ensure the safety and equitable treatment under the law of all Pakistanis, regardless of their religion, the Senators said the recent cases of religious discrimination, including the case of Masih, have underscored the worsening situation for religious minorities in the country.
Soto seeks equitable treatment in his work assignment and hours, as well as nonieconomic damages of $300,000 for mental and emotional harm and distress.
Since ICSC began this campaign, we have stressed the importance of maintaining fair and equitable treatment of all business across jurisdictions," said Damon Hemmerdinger, of the ICSC New York Government Relations Committee.
The new law will ensure the equitable treatment of all shareholders, which should help firms to attract more investment.
I'm convinced that most of the decision-makers in public education want to make sure every student receives fair and equitable treatment," says Dr.
The United States of America on the basis of its interpretation of the fair and equitable treatment standard (FET) owed by state parties to foreign investors under NAFTA article 1105.
Experts presented new trends in 'fair and equitable treatment of investors', the issues involved with sovereign wealth funds, international law in the 'Arab Spring', and the developments and challenges of the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).
In granting a waiver, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must determine the answers to the following questions: (1) Is it expected to increase organ donations; and (2) will it ensure equitable treatment of patients referred to transplants within the service area served by the designated OPO and within the service area served by the OPO with which the hospital seeks to enter into an agreement under the waiver.
An investment protection found in virtually every BIT is the guarantee of "fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security.
It recalled the Moroccan labor law that provides protection against racial discrimination in employment, as well as the law governing penitentiaries, which provides fair and equitable treatment to all convicts without regard to race, complexion, nationality, language or descent.