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adj. 1) just, based on fairness and not legal technicalities. 2) refers to positive remedies (orders to do something, not money damages) employed by the courts to solve disputes or give relief. (See: equity)

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EQUITABLE. That which is in conformity to the natural law. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 83.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"In the end, we conclude that the BIA neither committed a material error of law nor acted arbitrarily, capriciously, or irrationally, and, on the record before us, we see no abuse of discretion in the BIA's decision denying the untimely motion to reopen and declining to equitably toll the deadline."
The post 'Cyprus' oil and gas resources should be equitably shared between both communities on the island' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
STOCKHOLM - The top UN official for refugees called on Tuesday for the European Union to consider imposing a quota system to force its nations to more equitably handle a spike in asylum seekers.
In an email to all staff, the university's director of human resources, Carol Costello, said: "By standardising the terms and conditions, the university is able to ensure all support staff are compensated fairly and equitably for the work they do, providing greater consistency and transparency.
"With our combined efforts, I am confident that we can build the equitably progressive Philippines we aspire for," he added.
THE CONCEPT OF net neutrality, which contends that all information flowing through the Internet should be granted bandwidth equitably regardless of its content, has been pointed to by many as the hallmark of a free and open Internet But unfortunately, due to weak wording and pushback from Internet service providers, the protective provisions of the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet Order were shot down in January Under the Open Internet Order "common carriers" were denied the ability to regulate the data flowing through their infrastructures.
According to his office ,Jubouri said during the meeting : "The issue of human rights is an international affair not a local matter , so it is indispensable that the international institutions intensify efforts to deal equitably with this file through joint and continuous cooperation between all institutions./End
However, those in uniform who remain in active service and who are participating in therapy for their injuries are currently not covered by present law and thus not recognized by DFG SB 1287 and SB 1288 remedy this disparity and allow the DFG to recognize both veterans and wounded warriors equitably.
He added: "Labour has always been in favour of a more equal society and doing things more fairly and equitably.
Even twenty years after the fall of former Yugoslavia, Serbs kept their privileges but unlike them, the Albanians are still not equitably represented in the judiciary, public enterprises, finances and statistics.
ARCC is dedicated to ensuring that women can exercise their right to health services equitably and without barriers.
"We expect Ban Ki-moon to equitably treat all countries during his second term as the UN chief," Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Khazayee said.