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The report warns that without further concerted global action on appropriate targeting of areas to come under protection, integrated and improved national planning, and assessments of how protected areas are effectively and equitably managed, the overall target will not be met.
Speakers at the hearing were optimistic that changes could be made to simplify the system and simultaneously create a system that distributes aid more equitably.
All of this is a necessary precursor to distributing assets equitably among the creditors (see "In the Public Record," page 62).
Why is Wales being treated less equitably and why are proud names and traditions being cast aside?
The goal is to permit debtors' going-concern value to be preserved and shared equitably among both existing creditors and future claimants, instead of being dismembered in a Chapter 7 "fire sale" liquidation with current creditors receiving far less and future claimants receiving nothing.
But it was also vital that poor countries were enabled to trade equitably, he said.
The IBWA believes water management policy must be science-based and treat all users equitably.
Because there is no universally accepted standard for adequacy, for this report, GAO examined (1) the sources and amounts of federal funding provided for BIA schools and how they are determined, (2) how BIA school budgets and expenditures compared to national per-pupil expenditures and expenditures for similarly situated public schools, and (3) how equitably various formulas distribute funding across BIA schools and whether they account for all relevant costs.
Further, it can be assumed that the church will have to bear its share of the financial commitment required to ensure that a compensatory process occurs and occurs equitably.
Shoved aside will be consideration of what education in this country really needs: more adequate and more equitably distributed support for democratic public education, smaller classes, and levels of compensation high enough to attract and retain the best teachers.
It states that "Medicare's extremely complex provider payment systems, based on regulated prices, do not always function smoothly and equitably overtime.
At the same time, the funds that Medicaid does provide specifically for hospitals for the needy are not equitably distributed since almost all hospitals can claim these funds under current rules, the delegates noted.