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Stimulus equivalence has been suggested to be a viable behavioral approach to the study of language and symbolic behavior because both stimulus equivalence classes and language involve arbitrary relations among stimuli and generative performance (Malott, 2003; Place, 1995-1996; Wilkinson & Mcllvane, 2001).
The equivalence ratio, and initial temperature are the variable parameters, and the equivalence ratio is adjusted by the oxygen ([O.
ESMA has also published its Final Report on Technical advice on CRA regulatory equivalence CRA 3 update.
The division bench headed by Justice Amin ud Din Khan passed the orders on an appeal filed by the Punjab University against single bench order wherein the functioning of Equivalence department was declared void.
Figure 3b is a partition with four equivalence classes, and each equivalence class has four points.
It was decided after meetings and discussions between the Coordinating Committee for Academic Accreditation and the committee of heads of GCC higher education certificates equivalence to stop work to develop a joint mechanism for both committees in view of the establishment of an office of the Gulf Quality Assurance Network, and to complete work of the Academic Accreditation Committee.
An official from MoHE also said the ministry is planning to make equivalence certificates mandatory for expatriates too.
The concept of equivalence within Solvency II is judged on the ability of a third country (that is, a country outside the EU) to offer a similar level of policyholder protection as Solvency II, said Ed Barron, a director for PwC in London.
V] : F(V) [right arrow] G(V) is a homotopy equivalence for all V [member of] [O.
From Nida's observation, there is evidence that there is rarely total equivalence in word meaning, so the question is: what makes a word have a closer meaning?
Working with conditional discriminations, Sidman (1971) was the pioneer in the experimental study of equivalence classes.
ISLAMABAD -- The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a policy note to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to revise its Equivalence Standard (ES) for Master's degree programs.