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Carn, Karen Martin Gibler, and Joseph Rabianski, "Cash Equivalency Adjustment: The Loan Maturity Effect," The Appraisal Journal (October 1990): 512-516.
Grantmakers can apply for membership in NGOsource immediately so that they can request their first equivalency determination when NGOsource launches its service on March 18, 2013.
It also made substantial equivalency available for all professional staff at firms that comply with the act's enforcement requirements.
The services that are offered will allow quick process for immigration since all the credential equivalency documents will be stamped and authenticated from state approved education accreditation bodies.
It developed a high school equivalency exam called the High School Equivalency Test, or HiSET.
The concern over whether students would be tempted to take an equivalency exam instead of completing high school courses prompted lawmakers in 2011 to pass a law requiring that those taking an online equivalency exam must be at least 18 years old.
of Tennessee who provide a review of the four major areas of pharmacy education--basic pharmaceutical principles, the basic medical sciences, social and administrative sciences, and the clinical sciences--for graduates of foreign pharmacy schools who are taking the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE) before proceeding to the North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination.
Adopting substantial equivalency will permit all CPAs from substantially equivalent states, and an individual CPA from any state who demonstrates the same level of personal qualifications, to practice within its borders.
The pure concept of substantial equivalency is simple and similar to a driver's license: A CPA must have a license from a state that has licensing criteria equivalent to the provisions in the UAA, and when that occurs, the CPA can practice in other substantial equivalent states without the need to obtain a license in that state.
Some are victims of domestic abuse, some are single mothers, some are struggling to complete their high school equivalency or college degrees and some are on the verge of becoming homeless.
While at Thomas Edison I studied on my own and was able to test out of 75 college credits by taking 15 fully accredited college-level equivalency exams.