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The reason a "no notification, no fee" policy might not be an ideal way to achieve substantial equivalency is not because of any conceptual flaw, but because of its reach.
This article will clarify substantial equivalency and identify recent changes in the UAA that are affecting its implementation in the 55 U.
Julito Lagrimas, education program supervisor said that the accreditation and equivalency test is a paper and pencil test designed to measure the competencies of those who have neither attended nor finished elementary and secondary education in the formal system of the Department of Education(DepEd).
The changes include implementing a two-tiered scoring system - with one performance level based on a traditional high school equivalency and another on college and career readiness - and a computer-only administration of the test.
The educational equivalency agreement is one of a series of collaborative efforts between the two leading associations, which have agreed to hold a joint national business valuation conference in Las Vegas in 2005 and to cooperatively explore education, training and technical writing opportunities.
and warned them that "foreign and domestic distillers and their wholesalers are actively lobbying Congress for alcohol tax equivalency.
420 Standards of Professional Practice-Part B -- 11 hours; required for SRA and MAI; n/a New York State Equivalency 500 Advanced Residential Form & Narrative Report Writing -- 40 hours; required for SRA; n/a New York State Equivalency 510 Advanced Income Capitalization -- 40 hours; required for MAI; G3* New York State Equivalency 520 Highest and Best Use & Market Analysis -- 40 hours; required for MAI; n/a New York State Equivalency 530 Advanced Sales Comparison & Cost Approaches -- 40 hours; required for MAI; n/a New York State Equivalency 540 Report Writing and Valuation Analysis -- 40 hours; required for MAI; G3 * New York State Equivalency 550 Advanced Applications -- 40 hours; required for MAI; G3 * New York State Equivalency
This marks the first time that ACCME and an accreditor in Europe have agreed on mutual equivalency.
ESI International, the leading provider of contract management, project management, and business analysis training, today announced that three of its contract management courses have earned equivalency authorization from the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).
District equivalency policies recognize three ways of demonstrating equivalency: (1) course work; (2) work experience; and (3) eminence in the field (a sub-set of experience).
CalCPA's Board of Directors voted to support the UAA's substantial equivalency requirement in June 1999.