equivalent claim

See: setoff
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An equivalent claim would be if someone was to demand my wallet and I 'resist' by handing over my credit card and pin number.
As a result, the government proposed replacing this unnecessary debt in the pension system with an equivalent claim on accounts in the PAYG pillar, indexed by nominal GDP.
The lack of middle ground in this debate does not mean that each side has an equivalent claim to truth.
143), or when, later, an equivalent claim is made for Wolf, that hilarity sets in.
This interpretation "cannot be relied on in order to support claims concerning indirect discrimination arising prior to the date of judgment in this case as a result of a pay system based on seniority", except as regards those workers who have before that date brought legal proceedings or made an equivalent claim.
Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and / or reference to the relevant provisions regulating them: amounts due to the (x) (holder s) market will be paid on resources own of the city in an overall period of 30 days from the date of receipt of invoices or equivalent claims. Legal form to be taken by the grouping of economic operators on the market: the contract will be awarded to a company or group of companies, provided that the group must be made up from the stage of the application.
The trouble with the ad is that it is hardly what is known in the advertising game as a Unique Selling Point--a number of other parties that have been in government could make equivalent claims.
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