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"There is thus no basis of comparison and the statement that 'bidders who may have offered on equivalent item at terms more advantageous to the municipality' is a mere speculation and conjecture, which would not amount to proof beyond reasonable doubt," it added.
And if a national brand is promoting a certain oral care product, retailers could shadow promote their store brand equivalent item. As an example, Cira points to toothbrushes.
Azerbaijan 9.7 - Cayman Islands 9.7 - Kyrgyzstan 9.7 Cost of living Equivalent item would cost $100 in US 1.
Establishing written policies causes managers to carefully consider the issues involved in the custody and care of laptops, including physical security (as in locking laptops to a desk or equivalent item), building security and access codes or keys.
A pound of real butter in Dunnes, Tesco and Aldi was EUR1.49 and the equivalent item in Spar at Lower Liffey Street was EUR2.49 compared to EUR2.69 in a Co Kildare branch.
The contracting authority draws attention to the fact that, In the case of offering an equivalent item, The bidder must justify its equivalence in its tender.
Either they will have an in-store "take-back" where they will accept an item for recycling or re-use when you buy an equivalent item, or they may tell you of a designated facility they support that will dispose of your item free of charge.
the contracting authority points out that, in the case of offering an equivalent item, the tenderer must justify its equivalence in its tender.
But Sport England says there are no equivalent items for male fans - nor sports underwear for women football players.

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