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n., adj. equal in value, force or meaning.

EQUIVALENT. Of the same value. Sometimes a condition must be literally accomplished in forma specifica; but some may be fulfilled by an equivalent, per oequi polens, when such appears to be the intention of the parties; as, I promise to pay you one hundred dollars, and then die, my executor may fulfill my engagement; for it is equivalent to you whether the money be paid to you b me or by him. Roll. Ab. 451; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 760.

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Observe that if all roots of the equation det (z[alpha](z)I - A) = 0 are inside the unit circle, then system (5) (or equivalently, (6)) is asymptotically stable, see for instance [9].
(a) [mathematical expression not reproducible] for every (equivalently, for some) boundedly spaced subsequence [mathematical expression not reproducible] or
He laments that the act of shielding someone or individuals, who have committed a crime is also equivalently guilty as the perpetrators, stressing that it is incumbent that all well-meaning citizens assist the security forces in the quest to bring these perpetrators to justice.
"They are the equivalent of banks and should be taxed equivalently," he told panel leaders.
Under the condition when K (= K6) is large, or equivalently k6 >> k-6 Olmstead, Hamilton and Nicholson, OHN, [29] gave an expression for the calculation of the dimerization rate constant, k6, as
They are convertible into the company's shares of common stock after the first anniversary at a conversion price of USD2 per share of its common stock, or equivalently a conversion rate of 500 shares of common stock per USD1,000 conversion amount (the sum of the principal balance of the notes to be converted and accrued and unpaid interest of such principal).
"Ultimately, space and time, that is 'space-time,' behave absolutely equivalently in these experiments - an indication of the inherently relativistic nature of electromagnetic radiation."
We have to find the real number [alpha] [member of] [0,0.871433] so that p'(x) [less than or equal to] 0 for all 0 [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] [alpha] or equivalently
With regards to application fees, these are much smaller for agricultural buildings than for equivalently sized non-agricultural buildings; currently PS80 for a building with a floor area less than 465 square metres.
Correlation data suggested that the new assays perform equivalently to the older versions.
Addressing the 6th Fujairah Media Forum in the UAE, the minister said it was important to support the humanitarian values that equivalently consider the individual and community.
More than 80% of this year's leavers gained places at the highly-prestigious Russell Group universities and equivalently elite international institutions.