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n., adj. equal in value, force or meaning.

EQUIVALENT. Of the same value. Sometimes a condition must be literally accomplished in forma specifica; but some may be fulfilled by an equivalent, per oequi polens, when such appears to be the intention of the parties; as, I promise to pay you one hundred dollars, and then die, my executor may fulfill my engagement; for it is equivalent to you whether the money be paid to you b me or by him. Roll. Ab. 451; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 760.

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Grades or their equivalents its equivalent in grades
The data shows the reduction in tensile strength due to MnS precipitation varied with the carbon equivalent, and ranged from 46-80 MPa (6.6-11.6 ksi).
The ideal situation would be to suppress MnS precipitation to below the liquidus temperature, which is largely dependent on carbon equivalent. This can be estimated from Fig.
This policy update to the "Policy for Unique Identification (UID) of Tangible Items--New Equipment, Major Modifications, and Reprocurements of Equipment and Spares," dated July 29, 2003, will address clarifications including approval of specific Department of Defense (DoD) UID equivalents. Additionally, UID policy guidance continues to be updated in "The Department of Defense Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items, Version 1.3" dated November 25, 2003.
A commercial identifier can be considered for use as a DoD UID equivalent if it meets all of these criteria: (1) Must contain an enterprise identifier, (2) Must uniquely identify an individual item within an enterprise identifier, product, or part number, and (3) Must have an existing Data Identifier (DI) or Application Identifier (AI) listed in American National Standard (ANS) MH10.8.2, Data Identifier and Application Identifier Standard.
A major concern was the concept of common stock equivalents in computing primary earnings per share (EPS).
In UFE, the court allowed over 90% of the purchased accounts receivable to be treated as cash equivalents under pre-Sec.
For example, critics cite the requirement for determining whether a security is a common stock equivalent. While stock options and warrants always are regarded as common stock equivalents, convertibles are classified as common stock equivalents only if, at issuance, their effective yield is less than two-thirds of the average yield on Aa-rated corporate bonds with similar characteristics but without the conversion option.
Generally, the EPS computation is based on the common stock outstanding during the period and any common stock equivalents.
For example, the nutrition in one cup of milk is roughly equivalent to just 1.5 ounces of cheese, and the nutrition in one cup of lettuce is comparable to the nutrition in one-half cup of broccoli.