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By contrast parts of the Cabinet equivocated, and that's where the real difficulty now lies.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Muhammad Azam Inqilabi in an open letter addressed to Ban ki-Moon said that unresolved political issues of Kashmir and Palestine should no more be equivocated and obfuscated through quixotic political gimmicks of the authorities masquerading as democrats.
Netanyahu equivocated on the issue of settlements, saying Israel had "no intention of building new settlements or of expropriating additional land for existing settlements" but that "there is a need to enable the residents to live normal lives, to allow mothers and fathers to raise their children like families elsewhere", in defence of what Israel calls "natural growth".
Successive Israeli governments have equivocated on the issue.
I admit, however, that in the passage cited I equivocated about whether wage and price controls might not permit a less costly reduction of inflation.
While King equivocated and pretended to do so, he never did cut his ties to those Communists, as Garrow admits.
And then he equivocated astonishingly when asked whether American soldiers or intelligence agents could ''legally engage in torture under any circumstances.
But then, when appealing to other audiences, he's equivocated, opting to view the conflict as ``not primarily a military operation (but) an intelligence-gathering, law enforcement, public diplomacy effort.