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While King equivocated and pretended to do so, he never did cut his ties to those Communists, as Garrow admits.
And then he equivocated astonishingly when asked whether American soldiers or intelligence agents could ''legally engage in torture under any circumstances.
Although he equivocated a bit, Parrott opted for the gloomier view.
The second part of the book traces the careers of humanists who, pressured by both sides to demonstrate their conformity to dogmatic truths, equivocated, withdrew, and feigned conformity (Nicodemism) in order to avoid p ossible attacks from clergy and reprisals for theological non-conformity.
At Dartmouth, Pam Misener, assistant dean of the Office of Student Life and adviser to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students, equivocated when it came to admitting that the Edward Carpenter fund had been rejected by the school on numerous occasions in the 1980s.
Given the opportunity to do just that, President Clinton nonetheless equivocated his support in a 90 minute speech that left most business leaders puzzled as to why he took the trouble to attend.
Not much is at stake, and what is at stake is equivocated.