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At a TRAN meeting, on 19 March, its members pointed out that they have no intention of equivocating over safety.
He holds science and philosophy apart though and insists on avoiding the naturalistic fallacy of equivocating what is with what ought to be.
There's no place to go any longer," Clinton added, referring to Pakistan's leaders, whom the administration has accused of equivocating by supporting the Afghan insurgency.
Even now hardly a week goes by hen we do not learn of yet another bishop equivocating when faced with possible clergy abuse.
But I know that avoiding it, deferring it, or equivocating on the scale of it is pointless.
He also has been criticized, again appropriately, for equivocating on whether he will keep Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.
Writing in the Taiwanese edition of the Apple Daily newspaper, Chen Yung-feng, a political scientist at Tunghai University's Center for General Education, said the election restores the pre-Hatoyama ''fractured parliament,'' while ''Japan's equivocating politics will only worsen, not disappear.
Abortion is either killing or it isn't; equivocating gets us nowhere.
But after 10 months in the chair, Couric is still anchored in third place, and now she appears to be equivocating.
We are past caring about the lukewarm and namby-pamby equivocating of the DNC.