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EQUIVOCAL. What has a double sense.
     2. In the construction of contracts, it is a general rule that when an expression may be taken in two senses, that shall be preferred which gives it effect. Vide Ambiguity; Construction; Interpretation; and Dig. 22, 1, 4; Id 45, 1, 80; Id. 50, 17, 67.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'For the Philippines to have been asked to agree that it will not bring up the issue again is to effectively accept without equivocation that China is above the rule of law,' del Rosario said.
A few quick squeezes brought the instrument to life, fattening the armband with air while the red needle danced and jiggled with equivocation. Thereafter I had no idea.
'Without any equivocation, PANDEF strongly condemns the programme and hereby states that there is no land anywhere in the Niger Delta Region for the establishment of such settlements for herdsmen.
"The key thing that's happened over the last few days is that a lot of Labour people have just got very disillusioned with Corbyn's equivocation.
Writing a glowing foreword for the 2011 edition of JA Hobson's 1902 study of imperialism, Corbyn praised - without equivocation - the "brilliant...
Blasting Mr Corbyn's party, she said: "Anti-Semitism growing unchecked, equivocation when our country's security is threatened and moderate MPs are the target for deselection and harassment."
Sarawak wants no equivocation,' the state PKR vice chairman said.
The next day, he reversed his reversal, saying of the white supremacists and those who came to oppose them, that there were"very fine people on both sides." It was an act of moral equivocation that will forever soil his presidency and it left many observers righteously outraged.
They met in 2009 during the play 'Equivocation' and though it's unclear when they first started dating, they've experienced being in a long-distance relationship when 'Suits' filmed in Toronto and 'Pretty Little Liars' was shot in Los Angeles.
I wish to first of all, state for the avoidance of doubt and without equivocation that, I do not operate those social media accounts nor have I sanctioned anyone to do same on my behalf.
He targeted boys whom he would easily dazzle with offer of a ride on his ox-drawn cart and offer of giving them doughnuts, said the magistrate.Mr Nyakundi said that the victims who testified in court were consistent and spoke without equivocation as they vividly narrated the cases.
Oswald's mission is to look for overt fake news -- the stuff we can evaluate and declare to be false without equivocation.