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He said 'calling him a monarch is against the state's Chieftaincy Law,' and added, 'the Council states without equivocation that the recognised monarch for Ikere-Ekiti is the Ogoga of Ikere-Ekiti.
Rather, the hedging, equivocation and other linguistic devices that doctors reflexively use obscures the plain meaning of their words.
Modly committed to achieving the Navys 355-ship requirement without hedging or equivocation.
Davidson told BBC Scotland: "The tweets were completely unacceptable, there is no equivocation about that, but I've been very strong in the past about wanting to change behaviour on social media.
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The purpose of this essay is, first, to explore the novel's own comments about truth and lies (which, as we shall see, are explicitly posed within the context of Spanish Catholic penitential discourse) before turning to a curious text from the renaissance titled A Treatise of Equivocation.
It was in 1605 that officers of the crown discovered a clandestine volume entitled A Treatise of Equivocation.
Everyone has a duty to pay their taxes and there can be no equivocation about this.
Trump offers no equivocation, no misty Statue-of-Liberty pieties, no Democratic grubbing for Latino votes, no Republican chasing after cheap Latino labor.
We have to condemn all external attempts to interfere in the GCC countriesآ' affairs, focus only on issues that achieve our interests and adopt firm, clear and consistent stances, without courtesy or equivocation, in order to safeguard our security and stability whatever the results are," he said.
So conflicts "CC" can be equally caused by elected leaders who in the "art of politicaling" resort to lies, equivocation and deception to gain their goals
Obama "got away" with the contradiction in part because he planted in people's minds a certain equivocation.