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Taenia solium Cysticercosis/Taeniasis is a potentially eradicable disease: developing a strategy for actions and obstacles to overcome.
It will then appear to be a corollary of this moralizing viewpoint that just as vice and stupidity are (at least, on the Stoic account, in some individuals) eradicable, so is this condition escapable.
Yet childish pleasure in the aesthetic is not eradicable, nor in the end is it desirable to eradicate it:
Infectious agents that are eradicable are those where the chain of transmission can be broken by an intervention such as a vaccine and where there is no reservoir such as chronic or persistent infection or a non-human host (Fig.
More than once, big announcements that you made--that HIV may be eradicable or that there was a multidrug-resistant supervirus afoot in New York City--haven't panned out.
In fact, cysticercosis has been identified as 1 of 6 potentially eradicable diseases (27).
The self-effacing implications of the artist/activist position bring to mind the character Grace in Lars von Trier's 2003 provocation, Dogville: Her desire to serve the local community is inseparable from her guilty position of privilege, and her exemplary gestures perturbingly provoke an evil eradicable only by further evil.
Once again, Thomas Coles (1993) provokes us to consider aging out side of medicalization and commodification: Ageing, like illness and death, reveals the most fundamental conflict of the human condition: the tension between infinite ambitions, dreams, and desires on the one hand, and vulnerable, limited, decaying physical existence on the other--the tragic and eradicable conflict between spirit and body.
As Walter Ong argues in Orality and Literacy, "nor is orality ever completely eradicable; reading a text oralizes it" (175).
Manifested in behaviors ranging from a reluctance to coach a black employee for fear of accidentally doing something that appears racist to excessive accommodation of cultural differences during key negotiations, guerilla bias has done more to distort our leadership decisions than many more diagnosable and, therefore, eradicable strains of the disease.
Date Granted Pencil with Eraser 19,783 3/30/1858 Eradicable carbon paper 3,104,173 9/17/1963 Erasable ink 3,875,105 4/1/1975 Type correction paper 4,055,704 10/25/1977 Pen with Ink Eradicator 4,227,930 10/14/1980 Correction pen D428,411 7/8/2000 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
decision-making, appears to be an eradicable prelude to the creation of