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He said that if a country is to be virtuous, it has to have policies, visions as well as suitable punishments to culprits.The great historical legacy of our country is written about our valuable society and virtuous culture since punishments and spiritual values were existed hand in hand in the history of the country.Speaking on the programme to control illicit liquor in villages, the President instructed the Inspector General of Police to complete the programme to eradicate illicit liquor in rural areas by next Vesak Full Moon Poya Day.
Al Ghafli praised the support provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the UAE s campaign and its strategic partnership with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed's initiative to eradicate poliomyelitis worldwide through funding and providing assistance in a number of areas.
The conversation follows Prime Minister Khan's proposal to eradicate poverty from the country with the help of poultry.
"These outbreaks underscore the risk that if we do not eradicate polio now, estimates are that within 10 years, the disease will come roaring back across the world, and we will again see 200,000 new cases every single year, all over the world," warned Rosenbauer.
Last year, there were only eight cases, he said.Efforts to eradicate the disease have been undermined by opposition from certain factions of the society, who say immunisation is a foreign ploy to sterilise Muslim children or a cover for Western spies.
"After having been at the event I truly believe that we can eradicate the practice of FGM and CEFM; I think it is extremely important that we raise awareness of these subjects and not shy away from talking about them."
Jeddah, Rabi'II 27, 1435, Feb 27, 2014, SPA -- The first meeting of the International Islamic Consultative Team in charge of eradicating polio in the Islamic countries today adopted an urgent working plan to eradicate illness.
The authorities have carried out periodic campaigns to eradicate drug cultivation in the northern Bek Valley, as local farmers complain that not enough is being done to encourage alternatives to the illegal practice.
World Tuberculosis Day, on 24 March, will aim to boost public awareness of this disease and of efforts to eradicate it.
Henderson, the legendary epidemiologist who led the WHO effort to eradicate smallpox, talk briefly about what a brutally uphill struggle eradication was, how he often doubted whether it would ever be achieved.
While badger and cattle vaccines will certainly be powerful tools to eradicate TB in the future, they remain years and possibly decades away from being effective.