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So we should not be hopeful that the virus will ever be eradicated in Pakistan,' he added.
Every piece of research data confirms that HCV is "curable," which means simply that HCV can be eradicated.
5 percent effectiveness, for a net of 116,000 hectares of coca eradicated.
It was dropped because it would have taken 10 years to develop, and many thought polio would be eradicated by then.
Only a few diseases including guinea worm could be eradicated in the near future.
They said that the polio had been eradicated in the 121 countries and expressed the hope that people of Pakistan would also hear such news soon.
Corruption and terrorism will only be eradicated if change erupts in Pakistan.
Summary: The Internal Security Forces Wednesday eradicated 600 dunums of cannabis fields in the Bekaa and another 105 dunums in the Soueidiye region in north Lebanon.