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The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, made in Laurel, is one of the most effective methods of control.
If a mistake was made, there was only one way to correct it: You used an "ink eradicator." It was a pretty involved process.
These inks react to solvents or chemical eradicators and thus visibly distort the appearance of the check if altered.
(From this viewpoint, contemporary Algerian "eradicators" seem the direct descendents of General Bugeaud, their militant secularism a deeply ironic replay of the fiercely secularist nineteenth century French antiIslamic kulturkampf).
To combat manual eradication, coca growers: (1) employ blockade techniques to prevent eradicators from accessing fields; (2) place improvised explosive devices (IEDs) around eradication operations to kill, injure, and demoralize eradicators and significantly slow eradication operations by requiring extensive counter-IED detection efforts; and (3) plant fields in remote areas, requiring increased effort to detect, access, and eradicate fields.
Comments from Egyptian officers are eerily similar to those heard from the mouths of the Algerian "eradicators."
Some of the valid eradicators of corruption from India might be a return to the eternal values taught by the founding fathers of our formidable Constitution, an earnest pursuit of 'truth' on paths drawn up in the sacred scriptures of various religions in India and of course technology put at the service of truth.
manual eradicators (including Colombian police, military and civilian
(28) The angry rejection of the accord by the military, however, constituted an emasculation of all moderate forces and the transformation of Algerian politics into a contested terrain between military eradicators and militant Islamists.
The police, supported by the United States, employed teams of civilian eradicators to cut growing plants, seize seedlings and cured marijuana, and burn them in the field.
The force is made up of approximately 800 trained eradicators and is supported by security personnel.
accommodationists believed that le tout securitaire [repressive policy] advocated by the eradicators (whose American counterparts were the confrontationists) in Algeria would not end the crisis, that dialogue was the only avenue to resolving it, and that all the political forces, including the Islamists who rejected extremism, must participate in the political process.