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The Boone & Crockett class buck ranks as one of my most memorable trophies to date and without the fast target accusation that the Eradicator provided, I doubt that the outcome would have been successful.
Well, high school came and went and I was no closer to understanding ink eradicators.
Among other things, they have in the past several years been awarded contracts to feed coca eradicators in Bolivia, provide security for troops in Iraq, educate Marines in motorcycle safety, and, perhaps most ironically, build new portable schools in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.
It is, however, perfectly fine to use savages, slaughterers, destroyers and eradicators based on Egypt's standards.
Eradication operations were suspended for nearly four weeks in August when several hundred coca growers wielding explosives, grenades, and rocks confronted eradicators and security personnel.
Costa Rica was one of the world's leading eradicators of marijuana in 2011.
accommodationists believed that le tout securitaire [repressive policy] advocated by the eradicators (whose American counterparts were the confrontationists) in Algeria would not end the crisis, that dialogue was the only avenue to resolving it, and that all the political forces, including the Islamists who rejected extremism, must participate in the political process.
The GOB increased national expenditures for additional eradicators and new eradication camps in the Yungas, Alto Beni in La Paz District, and in Carrasco and Isiboro Secure National Parks.