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If a mistake was made, there was only one way to correct it: You used an "ink eradicator.
The Boone & Crockett class buck ranks as one of my most memorable trophies to date and without the fast target accusation that the Eradicator provided, I doubt that the outcome would have been successful.
The second part would consist of convincing Zeroual that the policy of le tout securitaire pursued by the eradicators is bound to fail.
The force is made up of approximately 1,000 trained eradicators and is supported by security personnel.
Under the auspices of the President's Agency for Social Action, over 2,200 civilian eradicators, with support from the Colombian national security forces, conduct manual eradication throughout the country.
Two police officers and three eradicators were killed in 2010.
Resistance includes throwing stones at eradicators and gathering groups of hundreds of coca growers to physically resist the eradicators.
Currently 20 out of 71 Carabinero squadrons are assigned to manual eradication operations providing security for civilian eradicators.
In the UHV, coca growers at times engaged in violent acts to resist coca eradication in 2009, including attacking police and eradicators and threatening to kidnap or kill them.
Fatalities during manual eradication decreased 60 percent from 2006, to 16 security force personnel and civilian eradicators.
Concerned that his forces would be stretched too thin, the Minister of Defense raised objections to their deployment to provide force protection to poppy eradicators.
The CNP provided security for manual eradication projects nationwide, and 41 security force personnel and civilian eradicators were killed in 2006 by improvised explosive devices and narcotics terrorist attacks directed at manual eradication operations.