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Meehan, INNOVATION Data Processing Vice President of Advance Technology; adding, we also have concurrence that the erasure technique FDRERASE employs for Secure Erase satisfies the requirements specified in the Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD C3I) Memorandum, of June 4 2001, on Disposition of Unclassified DoD Computer Hard Drives, the definitive Department of Defense directive on the subject.
The secret to Erase Repair is the use of hyaluronic acid.
These features protect against unauthorized access and malicious read, program and erase intentions.
Detect and Erase any Solid State, IDE, SATA, Fibre Channel, SCSI, SAS hard drive
The main difference between Type-I and Type-II secure erase is that Type-I secure erase is executed through software or ATA command, while Type-II secure erase is trigged by a discrete signal or external hardware switch or hot button.
The EX130-GRID-SEC disk backup with deduplication system with encryption at rest and Secure Erase eliminates any risk of backup data security breaches by delivering unique, world-class security capabilities.
Expo Dry Erase Markers from Sanford, Oak Brook, Ill.
The M25PE80 offers a thin granularity for erase and program very suitable for BIOS parameters.
As a practical matter don't run Remove Hidden Data until you're ready to publish or send the sensitive file to its intended recipient because it will permanently erase all collaboration material.
Michigan did not erase DP benefits for state employees [Letter From the Editor in Chief, January 18].
The manufacturer is adding Erase Away to its line-up, an instant household stain removing pad that it says is all but identical to Procter & Gamble's Flash Mark and Stain Eraser.
Just like erasing a magnetic hard disk does not delete all the information stored on the disk, common erasure methods for tapes do not erase all of the data on the tape.