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They constitute a poll as part of research but in no way can voters be erased in keeping with the results of this research.
When the prosecutor asked the department how they could have been erased when by law they are supposed to be kept for a specific period of time, the department said that they had been erased by members of the "parallel structure.
When an overrecording ends and its physical length is at least equal to the pre-video erased area, the linear audio does not return until 175.
Sheriff Robert Younger cleared him after hearing that a CCTV tape of the incident had been erased by a centre employee.
Ryan expects to attend a meeting this fall on the infamous 18 1/2-minute gap--an erased section of the Watergate tapes.
Real damage hit computers in 1987, when a snippet of code known as the Brain erased hard-drive data on some 100,000 IBMPCs--including 10,000 at George Washington University alone.
In addition, it is upsetting that the majority of voters who are erased from the electoral roll and were qualified as "fortune-seekers" haven't left Macedonia in the past several years and are relatives of the officials and members of BESA Movement.
Maxell also randomly performs a series of tests with data written to the tape, read back, erased and then read again to ensure that the erase procedure was successful and no remnant data remains on the tape.
Some flash disk vendors provide data security features that do not require degaussing or disk destruction to ensure that data is permanently erased.
Public prosecutors told the court that the second secretary said to Osawa he would pay to have the record erased.
So far, they've printed and erased each document as many as 10 times.
Another program, CleanSweep, whose primary function is to remove extraneous instruction codes from a hard disk after an application is erased, also can be programmed to zip only infrequently used files or applications and restore them when you want to use them.