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A jambe gules erased," said Sir Nigel, shaking his head solemnly.
But what utter and appalling devastation the Great War must have wrought to have erased not only every sign of civilization from the face of this great land, but even the name of the enemy from the knowledge and language of the people.
And, beginning at the edge of it, grew the grass--sweet, soft, tender, pasture grass that would have delighted the eyes and beasts of any husbandman and that extended, on and on, for leagues and leagues of velvet verdure, to the backbone of the great island, the towering mountain range flung up by some ancient earth-cataclysm, serrated and gullied but not yet erased by the erosive tropic rains.
So many years have since past, that you may have, perhaps, forgotten this circumstance: but your desires are to me in the nature of commands; and the impression of them is never to be erased from my memory.
That house shall open again to receive her in the presence of every soul who followed the false funeral to the grave--that lie shall be publicly erased from the tombstone by the authority of the head of the family, and those two men shall answer for their crime to ME, though the justice that sits in tribunals is powerless to pursue them.
He looked back, once, before he left the street; and looked upon a sight not easily to be erased, even from his remembrance, so long as he had life.
Over and above these trifling penalties, his name was erased and blotted out from the roll of attorneys; which erasure has been always held in these latter times to be a great degradation and reproach, and to imply the commission of some amazing villany--as indeed it would seem to be the case, when so many worthless names remain among its better records, unmolested.
The murder by an anti-abortionist of his gynecologist sister and the divorce of his gay plastic surgeon brother, both symbolically engaged in forms of identity erasure, confront Monk with the responsibility of moving from Los Angeles to the District of Columbia to care for his mother, whose health and authentic identity are being rapidly erased by Alzheimer's.
A MAN accused of headbutting a security guard has been cleared after a court heard a tape of the alleged incident was erased.
Also, WalMart is now an international organization and they probably fear any form of nativist expression, no matter how well meaning such conversation may be, because for them perhaps the borders are already erased.
They also erased a traffic violation record of another former secretary of Shirakawa in July the same year, the ruling said.
AB 2246 requires that electronic records, docments or recordings of a customer's personal information be shredded, erased or otherwise obliterated before disposal.