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Solid-state drives have to be programmed correctly to successfully implement an erase command, cautions Steven Swanson, an associate professor of computer science at the University of California, San Diego, who studies solid-state memory technologies.
Insight from such experiments may one day lead to therapies that can erase traumatic memories for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or wipe clean drug-associated cues that lead addicts to relapse.
When the record function is activated, the erase heads start erasing any previously recorded material on the VHS tape.
The other option is to selectively erase data files.
But there may have been no electricity to degauss, or erase, this type of information.
Reduces or erases wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks via the injection of bovine collagen into these areas, Cost: $400
Headlines predicted it would erase millions of IBM-compatible computers on March 6, the Italian artist's birthday.
My chief regret is that the decision to spell characters' names according to Weamys's most frequent usage erases the Sidneian significance of some.
Many times, the criminals encrypt the data or design the files to erase themselves if not properly accessed.
After all, if one erases vision, one erases race, which is culturally visualized by the physical body, the sign of visual difference.
Anyone who has been working on a computer when the system goes down, taking a day's work with it, would probably say that computer data is far too easy to erase. In fact, the opposite is true; files deleted from a computer are not really gone, and they are often easy and inexpensive to recover.
Stefano Arienti's recent work is based on a very simple but unpredictable procedure: he takes standard posters depicting landscapes or famous people and erases parts of the images.