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Armed with a USB key, erasing over 200 pc's of laptops per day onsite at a clients premises is now childs play" Continues Dyer.
Testing it isn't easy, because the minimum amount of energy consumed in erasing a single bit of information is quite small.
Just like erasing a magnetic hard disk does not delete all the information stored on the disk, common erasure methods for tapes do not erase all of the data on the tape.
That's because shortly after the erasing procedure begins, Joel decides that even the worst memories of his time with Clementine are worth cherishing.
Meaning resides in the tension between what is drawn and the act of erasing, a kind of representation in reverse.
As each amount was paid, they crossed it off rather than erasing it so they could track their progress.
The new experiment incorporates several improvements in the apparatus to address these issues, including stiffer components for transferring the mass standard on and off the balance, better servo control of the balance, better pivot materials, and the incorporation of erasing techniques into the mass transfer servo system.
The bill requires disposal of personal information by shredding, erasing or otherwise obliterating.
Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, has introduced a new line of degaussers for erasing a wide range of magnetic media.
Two former officers of the Niigata prefectural police force pleaded guilty Friday to erasing a number of police traffic violation records last year at the violators' request.
Erase-Eaze's space bar is split in two: the right half performs the normal spacing function, while the left half acts as a backspace key--backing up the cursor and erasing as it goes.