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It is indispensable for the SEC, in a situation of an unforeseen legal procedure of erasing voters, to regulate this procedure with a special rulebook in which the legal base for erasing already registered voters who haven't reregistered themselves will be clearly defined.
In the year 2000 around 164 delegates attended the International Forum for Adult Education in Senegal, which set the goal of providing education for everyone and improve the levels of erasing illiteracy by 50 percent by the year 2015, especially amongst women.
Some systems may even claim to be securely erasing data in a way that's not currently possible.
Testing it isn't easy, because the minimum amount of energy consumed in erasing a single bit of information is quite small.
Emulating EEPROM using flash memory requires in-system erasing and programming.
Most units do not have a separate control-track erase head and instead use the erasing effect of the record head and the full-track erase head to delete any underlying information (Epstein 2003; Luther 1999; Luther and Inglis 1999; McComb 1995).
He gladly accepted a copy of the "Erasing America" issue along with the book America's Engineered Decline by William Norman Grigg.
Just like erasing a magnetic hard disk does not delete all the information stored on the disk, common erasure methods for tapes do not erase all of the data on the tape.
Predictably, arguments range from completely erasing all physical traces of the Third Reich to preserving selected fragments as a reminder and warning to future generations.
reading, writing, erasing and overwriting -- the tips are brought into contact with a thin polymer film coating a silicon substrate only a few nanometers thick.
As each amount was paid, they crossed it off rather than erasing it so they could track their progress.
The new experiment incorporates several improvements in the apparatus to address these issues, including stiffer components for transferring the mass standard on and off the balance, better servo control of the balance, better pivot materials, and the incorporation of erasing techniques into the mass transfer servo system.