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It must hinder tampering by erasure or overwriting.
The erasure of girlhood in the context of patriarchal power
Using the characters Tambu in Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions, Miriro and Tariro in Hove's Ancestors, Janifa in Hove's Bones and Vaida in MahachiHarper's Echoes in the Shadows, this section will engage with the apparent erasure of girlhoods by the patriarchy.
The Srudio Museum in Harlem's Thelma Golden (working with Elizabeth Smith, the MCA's chief curator) chose to focus on Simmons's more recent erasure drawings as well as installations, skywriting projects, and paintings from the past seven years.
In the interstitial space of these works, one false move might eliminate too much: not only the drawing, the sacrificial image, but also the gesrural endgame itself, in which erasure appears as gorgeous finale.
In response to this, Sun's new Data Protection Services, Data Erasure provides a scalable, global solution for eradicating non-critical data from customers' hard disks, Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure meets or exceeds the requirements of most company security policies by standardizing on the stringent DOD 5220-22M policy for data erasure.
Sun uses the data erasure service internally to prepare company assets for reassignment and redeployment.
According to the CCEVS evaluation description FDRERASE is an application that runs under the IBM z/OS operating system on a mainframe computer that provides two CCEVS security validated disk erasure functions: ERASE and SECUREERASE that overwrite DASD to ensure the risk of residual data remaining, if any, is appropriate with the risk of a person scavenging for that data.