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Balance your body in an erect stable position during execution.
Michael Parrish, at the University of Colorado Museum in Boulder, concludes that the earliest crocodilians and their nearest relatives (collectively known as crocodylomorphs) stood and walked erect.
Candidates who erect posters before the embargo are liable for fines of up to [euro]3,000.
They fear the structure could pose a health risk and are angry that the Government-owned company does not require planning permission to erect the 'unsightly' towers.
Scape erect, 10-20 cm x 10-15 mm, fugaciously pale brown stellate-lepidote; scape bracts erect to spreading, indistinguishable from the inner leaves.
Local residents asked something to be done to deter youths from congregating in the area and a proposal to erect a palisade fence was put to the East Area Tenant Panel on June 29, 2005, and passed.
There is also a case to erect them along the shoreline for the same reasons.
As Souter noted, officials in McCreary and Pulaski counties voted in the summer of 1999 to erect large copies of the Protestant version of the Commandments in their courthouses.
Boileau says they could begin receiving turbines by August with plans to erect them immediately, with the earliest commissioning by October.
The Endoline 200 Series of case erectors as used in the example, can erect both standard corrugated and plastic corrugated cases which can be placed directly onto the shelf or into a freezer.
GRIEVING families in a Irish town are outraged because they cannot erect headstones to mark the final resting places of their loved ones.
Unwin of Reading University in Britain concludes in the May 7 NATURE that, on the ground, they "could manage only a clumsy waddle' and had neither the stance nor mobile gait of fully erect birds.