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and found a cross with the same types of fliers as the one previously erected.
If you get the chance, spend a few minutes behind the ``Welcome to Granada Hills'' sign and take a look at the memorial plaque the local 4-H Club erected back in 1972 to 24 local boys who went off to war and never came home.
Since that first project, billboards have been erected in New York City, Boston and Dallas.
44-S/E 5 star rated Energy saving ceiling fan 440V AC 50 cycles 1200 mm complete erected in position.
Arnold first visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1983, a year after the polished granite wall was erected.
pipe down rod duly painted for fan complete erected with PVC two core flexible cable 24/0.
Recently ``freeway-oriented advertising'' (political signs) have been erected along the southbound Golden State Freeway between Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway, property that is zoned for agricultural uses.
At Avenue N and Sierra Highway, which over the years has become known as BJ's Corner, friends erected a memorial consisting of a flag at half-staff on a makeshift pole and a Polaroid photo of McWhirter.
The welcome signs are similar to one erected many years ago on Santa Susana Pass Road by a civic group.
61-Supplying and erecting Iron work for panel board or other purposes complete with bending, cutting, drilling and welding complete erected at the position with necessary materials duly painted with one coat of red oxide and two coats.
She wrote, regarding the gate that was erected around Miscikowski's Brentwood neighborhood, ``that totally legal, much-needed gate was approved by the City Council before Miscikowski moved there.
The tallest wind turbines in the world are currently being erected near Schwbisch Hall in the north-east of Baden-Wrttemberg.