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The triple rapier machinery features three shuttles or "shots" which make every yarn stand erectly.
Kaczynski appeared attentive and upbeat throughout the 15-minute hearing in Montana, smiling and chatting with his attorneys and standing erectly at the podium before U.
The work area should be high enough to allow you to sit erectly, but with your shoulders relaxed or slightly slumped.
A doctor suffering from Parkinson's syndrome was shown walking much more erectly and confidently after sessions on the AT101 and a man with severe cardiac disease was filmed briskly walking up his parking-garage ramp, a walk that had required three rest stops prior to his experience on the AT101.
Inflorescences terminal or axillary, usually indeterminate and often racemose, with variously developed bracts and usually a pair of bracteoles, these sometimes recaulescent, replacing calyx lobes; flowers pend ulous to erectly held, articulated with pedicel or not.