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The "pinos" [pines], with their etymological kinship to penis, evoke the pine's erectness (as in "empinar," to stand straight up).
The growth performance is a character that affect the yield of cane crop growth habits erectness cane length girth of cane and stooling depending upon genetic makeup which may be detected by overall performance of the clones (Kazi et al.
Improved Purple Marker is a purple-leaf rice line with good erectness and no dormancy or leaf and seed pubescence.
Hosfield transferred the genes for erectness, canning quality, and virus resistance into red bean germplasm, which Phil Miklas, an ARS geneticist in Prosser, Washington, then used to create LeBaron.
The erectness of carriage and sense of purpose seen in these leaders are met again in photographs of street vendors, bricklayers, firemen, fishermen, and graduating students.
Mechanical effects of trichomes depend on density, erectness, length and shape of trichome.
Among the check cultivars, biomass accumulation in 2002 appeared to be substantially less (36 to 55%) than in 2001; however, the trend of increasing biomass with increasing erectness of the forage growth habit was still evident (Table 3).
In 1981, approximately 100 plants were visually selected in each nursery for forage yield, leafiness, erectness, and absence of diseases by using a modified form of restricted recurrent phenotypic selection (RRPS) (Burton, 1974).
This decidedly hothouse esthetic infuses Lostutter's depiction of a world in which the appearance of things reflects an obsession with the sexuality lurking beneath the surface: leaves start to ripple with labial rhythms, and tight buds of flowers take on penile erectness only to burst open like little paeans to sexual desire.