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Summary: Homo erectus was the first member of our genus Homo, and so was the first species of human
His research suggests that language began with Homo erectus more than a million years ago and has existed for 60,000 generations.
Por su parte, Hippocampus erectus (Perry, 1810) e Hippocampus zosterae (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882), parecen haber colonizado las aguas del Atlantico Occidental por dispersion (Teske et al.
Se refiere a la aparicion en el yacimiento de Liang Bua de la isla de Flores (Indonesia) de un humano diminuto (alrededor de un metro de altura y craneo de un volumen a juego), muy parecido en sus rasgos al Homo erectus pero cuya presencia se mantuvo hasta hace unos 18.
ABSTRACT: In the present work total reducing strength or phenolic compounds in leaf extract of Conocarpus erectus was determined in various solvents [water (59 8 ug/g), ethanol (158 5 ug/g) and methanol (296 9 ug/g)] and then nickel nanoparticles (Ni NPs) were synthesized by using only methanol extract of Conocarpus erectus leaf as reducing agent because of its higher values of total phenolic compounds.
Australopithecus was one of the first such ape species, which gradually evolved into Homo erectus.
The researchers argue the remains are descended from Homo erectus, suggesting an evolutionary reversal where human bodies, including brains, shrunk.
The University of California's Tim White said from what he had seen, the fossils belonged to Homo erectus, a species discovered in the late 19th century.
However, diversity within the "Homo erectus," the first global species of human, was as great as in humans today.
Homo habilis Homo rudolfensis Homo erectus The scientists behind the discovery claim the different lineages some experts have described in Africa -- such as and -- were all just ancient people of the species who looked different from each other.
18 ( ANI ): A new skull, found in Dmanisi, suggests that nearly half a dozen species of our early human ancestor may have been all Homo erectus.
What name was given to the specimen of homo erectus discovered from bones found near Beijing in 1927?