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From the universal histories with which it opens to the eremetical admonitions with which it concludes, the manuscript addresses concerns fundamental to reading and imagining both within the cell and without (25).
The white monks in Wales not only tapped into the strong popular eremetical and heroic element in the traditions of north and west Wales, but were also cultured men who often traveled abroad, to the annual Cistercian gathering at Citeaux, and elsewhere in Europe even to pursue litigation in the Roman curia.
nicely sketches the historical context especially of the Italian wars that began with the French invasion in 1494 and created a crisis for Venice; he then describes in detail the process by which Querini and Giustiniani eventually decided to take up the eremetical life, while Contarini opted for a Christian life in the world.
Their varied demonologies may reflect a gradual trend over the course of the fourth century, in which some eremetical monks increasingly emphasized the cell as the locus of solitude: an original emphasis on the desert as providing isolation from "the world" narrowed to an emphasis on the cell as providing isolation from even the monastic community.
He then took up the eremetical life, first on the isle later named after him and then on the more remote island of Farne.
Despite Dominic's own eremetical lifestyle, a strong feature of his monastic foundations was commitment to the Rule of St Benedict.
But the eremetical life has periodically blossomed throughout the world.
The responses revealed great diversity among those who choose the eremetical life given, said Jagoe, that this is only a random sampling.
Although the new Code of Canon Law recognizes the revival of hermit life in the church, eremetical life is scarcely a ministerial option.
I still value the ideals of the eremetical life," said Karper, "and continue to maintain a contemplative rhythm amid these wooded mountains.
24) The renewal of the eremetical movement in the eleventh century, moreover, associated especially with St Romuald and St Peter Damian,(25) did much to revive the ideals of the Desert Fathers, and to refocus attention on their ideal of nature as it related to paradise and the wild beasts.