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The eremite rejects all familial and social connections and exists beyond the fringes of conventional humanity; the eremite embodies "an unworldly mode of being" that owes "nothing to genealogy or community" (Harpham 21, 30).
In the fourth and final section, Yeats appears in the guise of the Irish Catholic eremite St.
The contrast between the eremite and a multitasking urbanite is stark.
A criticism often leveled at eremites is that they opt out of the struggle for social justice.
Izquierdo, Jose Luis dos Santos Peixoto, Jorge Eremites de Oliveira (da UFMS).
But like monkish eremites in isolatedcloisters, many intellectuals of the old New Left had sequestered themselves in universities, think tanks and public advocacy organizations and kept teaching, thinking and advocating while the rest of the country was swinging in the 1970s and investing in the 1980s.
Contudo, como aponta Eremites de Oliveira (2007), essa proposta apresenta um problema na atualidade, pois estimula o uso deliberado da analogia historica direta entre os grupos ceramistas pre-coloniais e os povos indigenas atuais conhecidos pela Etnologia, desconsiderando a dinamicidade desses grupos.
The reforms of Teresa of Avila, intended to restore some of the rigor of the original eremites, eventually set the stage for a separate order known as the Discalced Carmelites.
By and large, eremites aren't under the pastoral care of a bishop or other institutional representative, though many have a spiritual director and will make private vows.
O capitulo oito e de autoria de Jorge Eremites de Oliveira, da Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul.