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The eremite rejects all familial and social connections and exists beyond the fringes of conventional humanity; the eremite embodies "an unworldly mode of being" that owes "nothing to genealogy or community" (Harpham 21, 30).
In the fourth and final section, Yeats appears in the guise of the Irish Catholic eremite St.
The contrast between the eremite and a multitasking urbanite is stark.
This overdetermined process of recuperation is stereotypically exemplified by the bringing of his dead body back from Greece to bury it near his ancestral seat (sedes)--"Then loath'd he in his native land to dwell, / Which seem'd to him more lone than Eremite's sad cell" (I.35-36)--a topographic containment of the literary eccentricity enabled by geographical topics of invention.
A partir de estudos etnograficos e arqueologicos sabe-se que eles viviam na mesma regiao onde as comunidades da Serra do Amolar estao vivendo hoje (RIBEIRO, 2005; EREMITES DE OLIVEIRA, 2007).
He wrote of the valley that it 'looks like a tripled version of the Roman Colosseum: an amphitheatre with large steps [...] where, a long time ago, lived thousands of Greek eremites who were later massacred by the Turks.
En Corazon de Maria vivian, no hace mucho tiempo, un padre y un hijo conocidos como los Eremites; si acaso porque los dos se llamaban Euremios.
Desde entao diversas pesquisas tem sido executadas, de diferentes formas, a partir de ideias que unem as abordagens historico-culturalistas com metodos e tecnicas vindos das perspectivas processualistas (a partir de 1980) e pos-processualistas (Eremites de Oliveira 2007: 95).
We meet personalities in various relations to the Jansenist controversies: Christian Lupus (1611-1681) and Enrico Noris (1631-1704), two Augustinian Eremites; Fabio Chigi, apostolic nuncio in Cologne (1639-1651) and the future Alexander VII; and Sebastian Knippenberg, Dominican inquisitor in Cologne (1693-1733), a "victim of the anti-Jansenists" (407).
Actually, in Book 111 of Paradise Lost, Milton calls the censors disparagingly, though indirectly: 'Embryos and idiots, eremites and friars/White, black, and gray, with all their trumpery' (Milton, 1969: 11.
ej: Silva 2011; Eremites de Oliveira y Pereira 2012; Bezerra 2012; Funari y Bezerra 2012; Funari y Carvalho 2012), mientras latifundistas, vinculados o no a los escanos del Congreso Nacional brasileno, se organizan (cuando no estan actuando violentamente) contra la demarcacion de tierras indigenas y de afro-descendientes, tal como vemos cotidianamente en las ciudades de Brasil.
eremites in Mexico), being brightly colored and living in vegetation.