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What most concern Brantley are the public contexts in which these poems originated and the ways in which they brought a communal literary experience with them into the eremitic world of Carthusian monks.
From the climatic viewpoint, the tectonic valley may be classified as hyper-arid (120 > P > 60 mm) or eremitic (60 > P > 30 mm), depending on the sub-zone (Minetti et al.
In contrast to local color as cenobitic practice, regionalist literature functions as eremitic practice, deliberately exposing the artifice of the narrator's position.
It was the contemplative, eremitic life, where one could engage in an extended conversation with Christ, that appealed to the poet; in contrast, he did not identify with the dispatching of the mendicant brothers back to the people.
In the same context see Healy's comments on acedia: 'With the development of Christianity into a religion of the people at large, the vice (of acedia) went through immense complexities of definition and attribution as it changed from being an exclusively eremitic affliction, an occupational hazard as it were, into a weakness capable of besetting any Christian' (1984, 17).
He tried to find it in a life of rural eremitic austerity with two friends in the Oxfordshire countryside.
Hanna undoubtedly establishes that Langland wove features and circumstances of the eremitic life as threads into the texture of his poem.
His writings encompass all four elements of affective contemplation, but in his treatment of their themes, as Watson illustrates with specific regard to fervor, dulcor, and canor, he differs significantly from his sources, so that his depiction of spiritual ascent becomes 'a peculiar amalgam of affective and eremitic themes with personal drives and experiences'.
Her body becomes a moveable social site of contention on the debate on active and contemplative lives, not just a static, eremitic vessel for transformative spiritual desire.
That mould was notably episcopal or eremitic, celebrating in particular the bishops and monks who had helped to shape the spirituality and institutional organization of the Christian church of late antiquity.
he remained there some 25 years before embracing an eremitic existence.
The policy now was to put small fires out--every single one of them--before they became big fires, a patriotic duty easily justified after several years of Smokey Bear propaganda and further promoted by public-relations films and news stories: Eremitic rangers scanned the horizon from their fire towers for any wisp of smoke.