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Latin, therefore; hence; because.

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(air-go) conj. Latin for therefore, often used in legal writings. Its most famous use was in "Cogito, ergo sum:" "I think, therefore I am" principle by French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650).

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Cycling technique and type of ergometer can affect cycling efficiency (Arkesteijn et al., 2013).
Lower extremity muscle function was assessed using bicycle ergometer. After explaining the procedure, the participant was instructed to seat in comfortable position adjust to the height.
Observations on recording the ergometer kinematic parameters when contact--beat--momentum
The subjects' first testing day consisted of: (a) taking anthropometric measures; and (b) the performance of the first cycle ergometer exercise test (CT) to exhaustion (IT).
The closed-loop control system is then developed using Matlab/Simulink with incorporation of knee swinging ergometer in vN4D to perform simulation of FES-assisted knee swinging ergometer.
* Equipment needed is stationary cycle ergometer, B.P apparatus, stethoscope, water & towels, timer
On each occasion and on the selected ergometer, each subject performed an initial 10 minute warm-up at a self-selected exercise intensity during which they were instrumented with the expired gas collection mouthpiece and heart rate monitor.
The laboratory exercise challenge tests are performed in a laboratory on a cycle ergometer or treadmill.
In contrast, the plots move to more myocardial direction in ergometer exercise.
Our clinical research team wanted the calf ergometer to have the following capabilities:
The Ergometer will simulate the resistance experienced by sprint cyclists when they accelerate.