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Latin, therefore; hence; because.


(air-go) conj. Latin for therefore, often used in legal writings. Its most famous use was in "Cogito, ergo sum:" "I think, therefore I am" principle by French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650).

See: a fortiori, a priori, consequently
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In Table 2, the obtained HRs and RPEs from the ergometer cycle test is shown for the females and males.
Our research team designed a new rectilinear stepping ergometer (RSE) that was based on a spinning bike and used up and down reciprocating vertical motion of the lower extremities in place of conventional circular motion.
The subjects were familiarized with the ergometer and procedures.
As weight increases energy expenditure per unit time increases remarkably in the case of step-test, but in cycle ergometer there was very slight increase.
Currently, an Ergometer is used in three directions, into three spheres of activity, all extremely important, namely:
The test is practical, not time-consuming and independent of special equipment like cycle ergometer, treadmill or dry air source.
The warm-up using Concept II ergometer (Morsville, VT, USA) and damper setting 4-5 lasted 14 min and consisted of 10 min rowing at heart rate 130-150 bpm, 1 min rowing at 180 bpm repeated 2 times and 2 min rowing at 130-150 bpm.
After 2 weeks of this routine, they were encouraged to use a bicycle ergometer at home for at least 20 minutes per session twice daily, and to participate in one, supervised group-training session per week.
The Village Hotel and Leisure Club in Canley has continued its support for the Alderman Callow School and Community College by presenting a cycle ergometer and fitness testing equipment worth over pounds 2,000.
If you have ever worked out at a gym you may have noticed treadmill ergometer notations of "fat burning zone" in the area of 65% of maximum heart rate.
So even when riding an ergometer, take your pulse regularly as you pedal to make sure you are reaching, but not exceeding, your target heart rate.
The Vasa Ergometer is a versatile machine designed to improve endurance, power, strength and speed for swimming, surfing, kayak and canoe paddling, Nordic ski poling, wheelchair racing, and cross training.