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The latest erosion has exposed one of the dune protection measures, a reno mattress structure (a cage filled with rocks).
According to locals, there is a fast flow of water in River Chenab which has hastened the erosion of land.
As a stopgap measure, sand-filled sacks were placed on the bank of the drain to stop the erosion but the fast flow of water caused the sacks to drift away.
The payment of the counterpart funds will help in accessing funds from World Bank and facilitating the process of addressing distressing gully erosion problems in the short term, reduce vulnerability to soil erosion and climate variability in the medium term, and promote long-term climate resilience and low carbon development in the state.
Controlling gully and stream bank erosion is the main approach being used by land managers to reduce fine sediment.
The speakers said the country's many rivers disappeared in the last 40 years, while a huge area of arable and a big number of homesteads are being grabbed by river erosion every year.
To date, most investigations of soil erosion (Alam and Jamil, 2009; Bai et al., 2008; Gitas et al., 2009; IAEA, 2004) at the huge scale have emulated two general methodologies: (l) Assessment by the regional soil loss variables or accessible models (Bashir et al., 2013) and (2) Estimating soil loss inferring from graph and micro catchment gauges to catchments, watersheds and provincial gauges (Zhang et al., 2009; Braimoh and Vlek, 2008; Farhan et al., 2013).
Erosion is the leading cause of forage productivity degradation in the United States (OTA 1982; Pimentel et al.
The highest erosion was recorded from non-agroforestry land use type (10-year-old pure cocoa) by 4,125 grams/ha, followed by teak tree-and cocoa based agroforestry system aged 10 years old amounting to 2,749 grams/ha and candlenut-and cocoa-based agroforestry system aged 10 years old by 1,280 grams/ha.
Dr Saoirse O'Toole, of King's College London, said: "Reducing dietary acid intake can be key to delaying progression of tooth erosion.
The motion of abrasives in gas jets is so complicated that there is no consensual theory on an abrasive acceleration or abrasive erosion mechanisms.
The erosion surface morphology of experimental samples is observed, and the experimental data are analyzed with the help of the instrument of Keyence 3D Laser Shape Measurement (VK200).