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Key Words: Dental erosion, Chemical factory workers, Lahore.
The team found that although storm-induced erosion occurred at isolated shoreline sections, the pre-spill shoreline from 2009 to 2010 was largely stable.
Assessment of future erosion in one area is called evaluation of erosion potential or erosion hazard level.
Undoubtedly, an important factor of continuous development is accurate information, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) considered one of the most important tools for the management of resources, to prevent the bad effects of erosion, and their impacts on the surface of the land.
So far, to the best of our knowledge, no studies have been done to assess soil erosion related to paved roads.
Under the first phase of this project a National Assessment Report on Coastal Erosion in Pakistan has already been prepared and the second phase focuses on the development of the coastal erosion management plan.
Experience suggests that wear is rarely uniform; localized erosion damage ("hot spots") is common, as indicated in Figure 1.
What's more, it may take as few as four of these items daily to heighten the risk of acid erosion.
The report named 'Coastal Erosion in Pakistan: A National Assessment', was recently finalised under United Nations Environment Program for `Strengthening resilience of coastal communities, ecosystems and economies to sea level rise and coastal erosion.
La micro-cuenca torrencial 'La Machiri', ubicada en el estado Tachira, no ha escapado a los procesos de erosion, la coincidencia de aspectos naturales le otorgaron una cierta fragilidad ambiental que aunado a la fuerte intervencion antropica, desencadenaron uno de los fenomenos erosivos mas importantes al occidente venezolano: las carcavas de la Machiri, dado al desequilibrio ecologico que represento en su momento de aparicion y que sigue estando presente en nuestros dias.
Vegetation cover is generated by NDVI using SPOT-5 satellite image which is used to generate actual erosion risk map by overlay analysis with potential erosion risk map.
The first published study to map the erosion risk across the whole island was conducted by Nigel and Rughooputh (2010b), developing a soil-erosion risk-mapping model termed MauSERM (Mauritius Soil Erosion Risk Mapping).