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Key Words: Dental erosion, Chemical factory workers, Lahore.
AMIRA P931 projects focus on building knowledge and methods to predict the erosion service life of flow equipment and developing strategies through case studies to alter flow design to reduce erosion and extend equipment life.
Patients with vaginal mesh erosion might also note that their partner "feels something" in the vagina during intercourse.
La erosion dental es uno de los problemas clinicos que se ha incrementado en los ultimos anos y es provocada por diferentes causas.
In the paper there are presented a number of caviattion erosion results tests, made in various liquids, and using materials with different cavitation erosion resistance, in order to reveal mechanical aspects of cavitation erosion and to motivate the cavitation process approach by hydraulic specialists, against general corrosion.
BERLIN -- Women with gastroesophageal reflux disease had a lower prevalence of severe esophageal erosion than did men in an analysis of more than 6,000 patients.
Erosion of the external structures of the face has not been as extensively described, nor have oronasal fistulas that involve structures other than the hard or soft palate.
Four more erosion sites were added to the project list in August.
The four mesh erosions occurred among 49 women who had concurrent total abdominal hysterectomy, resulting in a mesh erosion rate of 8% in that group.
1996) are believed to be two major factors affecting soil erosion and degradation of land and vegetation.
The tipping bucket methodology is commonly used in rain gauges and has been applied with varying success for erosion measurements (Khan and Ong, 1997; Giboire et al.
Results collected on a Tooth Wear Index (TWI) showed that there was a non significant association between age of the patient and erosion as it was equally distributed among patients of all ages.