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LOUIS -- Complaints of vaginal discharge, bleeding, and/or general vaginal discomfort in a patient who has undergone sling placement may signal vaginal mesh erosion.
Patients with vaginal mesh erosion might also note that their partner "feels something" in the vagina during intercourse.
2005), cavitations erosion is considered, by specialists, a typical local fatigue phenomena of the material, which suffered deformations or/and breakings under repeating action of micro jets and shock waves generated by cavitation bubbles implosion.
More severe erosions occurred about 60% more often in men than in women.
Measurements were made of: (a) actual erosions, deposition and changes in surface roughness at over 100 pre-existing and new sites over periods of 1-9 years using the erosion bridge (microprofiler) technique; (b) infiltration capacity, overland flow, splash detachment and overland flow erosion at small (30 x 30 cm.
Computed tomography (CT) demonstrated extensive bony and soft-tissue erosions intranasally (figure 3).
Following last winter's storms, the Army Corps of Engineers identified an additional 71 erosions sites in critical need of repair.
found four mesh erosions over a mean 1-year follow-up.