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Ultrasonographic evidence of inflammation is frequent in hands of patients with erosive osteoarthritis.
The erosive wear behavior of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was tested by air-borne particle erosion equipment.
Kellgren and Moore (1) first described the condition that is now known as erosive osteoarthritis in 1952.
Patients at risk for persistent or erosive disease should begin therapy with DMARDs even if their arthritis remains undifferentiated.
AXID[R] Oral Solution is a treatment for endoscopically diagnosed esophagitis, including erosive and ulcerative esophagitis and associated heartburn due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) for up to 8 weeks.
It is my belief that wear of the internal surfaces of the mixer that occurs due to the mixing action of rubber and plastic compounds is primarily due to corrosive (oxidation), chemical attack and the abrasive, adhesive and erosive wear mechanism.
Atrophic vaginitis and erosive lichen planus are among the noninfectious conditions that are high on Dr.
3) Erosive OLP more commonly involves the lateral tongue and displays erythematous or ulcerated areas with peripheral keratosis, forming fine centrifugal striae.
When the final page turns and the cover shuts one last time, you will appreciate having read this book, threading together themes of color consciousness, adultery, jealousy and the erosive price of family secrets.
Emerson Process Management has introduced the Fisher[R] Slurry Vee-Ball control valve, which provides a longer service life in erosive slurry type applications, such as in metals and mineral processing, when compared with other valve types.
For Las Tunas, the use of natural fertilizers is of major importance, since most of the province's soils are affected by erosion, salinity and other erosive factors (see CubaNews, September 2003, page 14).
Aerobic activity also decreases lower esophageal sphincter pressure, increasing risk of erosive esophagitis.