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The model shows erosivity decreases in the future for parts of California, Nevada, Utah, western Arizona, Texas and a large portion of the southern central plains from Texas to Nebraska.
Of the 2 highest yielding subcatchments, however, suspended sediment export flood from the Richmond River subcatchment was higher than the Wilsons River subcatchment despite relatively the same value of soil erosivity index for both subcatchments.
3a) as well as 1% increase in rainfall erosivity (6962-7048 MJ/ha.
The original method to calculate the rainfall erosivity values for a storm event requires pluviographic records (Wischmeier and Smith 1978; Yu and Rosewell 1997).
When using the USLE or RUSLE, the component factors relating to rainfall erosivity (R), slope length and steepness factor (LS), soil erodibility (K), groundcover (C) and soil conservation practices (P) are multiplied to calculate the average annual soil loss per unit area (e.
Thus, vegetation barriers have the ability to reduce flow velocity, which in turn reduces the erosivity forces (Pan and Shangguan 2005).
2003a, 20036) by employing a modified version of the model with an added erosivity index (slope x precipitation) variable.
Obi ME, Salako FK (1995) Rainfall parameters influencing erosivity in southeastern Nigeria.
However, as is common with the few studies that account for SOC erosion, there is limited information available on which value to use and how that changes with soil credibility over space and erosivity over time.