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This methodology is often used to estimate the annual erosivity and to generate erosivity maps, as done by Silva (2004), Oliveira et al.
where; R = monthly rain erosivity index; (Rain)m = monthly rainfall (cm) Soil erodibility factor (K) was calculated using:
The regression relationship was established before estimating the rainfall erosivity index as a function of average annual precipitation and elevation with R2 of 0.
ICONA] is the rainfall erosivity index as estimated by ICONA (MJ x cm x [ha.
Modified Fournier Index (MFI) and Bagnouls-Gaussen aridity Index (BGI) are combined to map erosivity for Rawal watershed.
Tillage translocation and tillage erosivity by planting, hilling and harvesting operations common to potato production in Atlantic Canada.
The implementation involved the drafting of rainfall erosivity, soil erodibility, lenght-slope factor, crop/vegetation factor and support practices maps.
Erosivity factor in the Universal Soil Loss Equation estimated from Finnish rainfall data.
For that reason, it is important to study all the factors affecting erosivity in order to reduce it.
Among the factors, the erosivity factor or "R" factor, is one of the parameters better explaining the variations in soil losses because of hydric erosion.