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Accordingly, the individual accounts of these erotically charged, often exploitive and perverse relationships make for compelling reading.
of Boston, the book is described on the company's Web site as an erotically guided adventure through venerable Dixie, where sweaty fingers unbuckle the Bible belt.
He pursued "limit-experiences" in drug use, communal living, and sexual experimentation, and he was drawn, erotically, to extreme violence.
His daughter, Artemisia, gained a following for her mythological, allegorical and Biblically-themed paintings, which often contained violent, erotically charged subjects.
The text he produces and his commentary on it, along with an additional layer of interpretation supplied by a much less erotically inclined graduate student, is the novel we have before us.
Sexual Accusations and Social Turmoil also elaborates a background theme: our erotically obsessed society which, as in medieval times, seeks individuals on which to project its guilts.
In "Succulence," a garden heavy with lush fruit serves as an erotically ominous setting for an adolescent boy's sexual explorations, while in "Tripping," an Obeah ritual provides the opportunity to expose white tourists' fascination with island "exotica.
I do look at Playboy; I consider its imagery beautiful and often erotically stimulating.
Layton wrote several erotically explicit love poems in order to shock and outrage his fellow citizens in what he called "a cold Presbyterian country.
Director Ridley Scott's visually-striking film is an erotically charged and violent thriller and stars Cameron Diaz as Malkina, who is slinkier than her two pet cheetahs and twice as deadly.
Any man can become bold enough to express a number of sexually provocative and erotically explicit comments to women, but the key is, can they do it in a manner that leaves women turned on rather than turned off?
He handled the huge forces dexterously and elegantly: strings swooned erotically and the scherzo elements fizzed and rollicked.