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Also implicit in these guidelines is that asset allocation decisions will also influence the choice of ERR, with higher allocations to equities justifying higher ERR values.
In this section, I describe Singapore's monetary policy to illustrate how an ERR works.
ERR as "1 " if country i is under hard peg and free float at time t and "0" otherwise (all intermediate): adopting either hard peg or free float rather than intermediate results in an increase of [[beta].
According to ERR, Trelleborg is due to complete its new production building on the island of Saaremaa in March this year.
In calculating ERR for 20 projects within the compacts, MCC used a 20-year time frame for 9 projects and used different time frames for the other 11.
Although ERr 731 has been available in Germany for several years, it is still relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, Dr.
referred to as ERr 731[R] (trade name Phytoestrol[R] N), has been regularly prescribed for climacteric complaints since 1993, without the occurrence of any safety related side effects such as endometrial hyperplasia, spotting or breakthrough bleeding.
Nervous Chelsea player to The Special One: "Err, boss, the lads errm, want me to ask you if maybe, every now and again, we could, err play some decent football.
To Err Is Human: A Collection of Forgiveness Readings
In summary, it appears that when we are trying to achieve maximum performance, not only are we fighting against all external factors such as the opponents, but we are also fighting against ourselves and the tendency to err while minimizing energy.
IRELAND are hoping that speculation surrounding the future of manager Brian K err will not detract from the nation's chances of beating Switzerland in tonight's Group Four clash at Lansdowne Road, writes Dan Childs.