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More than 669 fines were issued to errant establishments and motorists in the used cars market in November and during the first week of December.
SS covers 2nd in case a run-down or errant throw causes runner to advance to 2nd.
Chevalier Errant was kicked in a tender area when he got brought down and he's still got a painful look in his eye," said trainer James Adam, who is set to be represented by Monnaie Forte in the Irpounds 100,000 chase.
Nothing in the civil trial was as absurd as recasting an oil company as an errant bird hunter.
By the end of the three-month discount period, errant drivers will have to pay the fine in full without any discount, he added.
He suffered in Friday's 8-6 loss to High Desert, when he was struck by an errant pickoff attempt while diving back to first.
Her first assignment, following a young errant wife, ultimately leads to further puzzles and murders that Maisie also solves.
It appears when fatty sheaths that insulate nerve fibers are damaged, as if by an errant immune attack.
INTEGRITY prevents errant or malicious code from corrupting user and kernel objects.
intelligence agency was planning an exercise last September 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings," reported the Associated Press on August 21st.
An eye-catching third to Sikander A Azam at Ayr in November, Chevalier Errant chased home a useful pair in Blowing Rock and Serenus on his recent reappearance at Leicester; his winning turn cannot be far away.
Here Taymor's thematizations of the errant evils and blinding fears plaguing human societies are slowly revealed as one proceeds up the ramps and stairs and into the gradually fanning spaces of the Wexner Center--a sense of journey reinforced by the chronological order of the installations.