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Errant is opening the tap room three weeks after it was forced to move from its previous home at the King Edward Bridge Arches, in Newcastle.
The errant cops were also tasked to clean the Pasig River as punishment.
As per a tougher unified traffic law with higher fines and a black points system enacted in 2008 across the UAE, errant motorists can be penalised with up to 24 black points, following which they lose their driving licence.
I instruct you to move fast on errant traders who fail to give the recent budgetary benefits to Lankan consumers.
As operators, we must recognize that role and understand that accountability for the no-call may carry the same impact as the errant call.
He thus became more convinced of the fact that his people - who are rejecting the squandering of Libya's wealth that way and are demanding their dignity, freedom and livelihood - are an "errant" people who should be pursued like errant dogs.
It is not entirely correct to say--as Esther Gabara puts it modestly on her acknowledgments page--that the heart of Errant Modernism lies in archival material housed in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and New York.
ERRANT PALINDROMES: (from The Palindrome as an End in Itself)
Outbound: The Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston is an amusing novel that imagines what might enfold if latter-day Charleston were to schism from the nation of America and become an errant island.
A mis-played ball or errant throw eliminates the player from the game.
In addition, both the operating system and user tasks are protected from errant and malicious code, including denial of service attacks, hackers, worms and Trojan horses.
Thankfully, natural cleaning company Earth Friendly Products has rolled out the big guns in the war against errant paw prints and litter avalanches.