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He views discretion as a political rather than a legal feature of public administration: to think that discretion conflicts with the rule of law is to suppose errantly that exercises of unqualified discretion are susceptible to control by legal principles.
Newcastle Falcons 12 London Irish 12 STUMBLING errantly from the pre-match memo, Newcastle Falcons handed London Irish two tries and with that a share of the spoils, writes NICK PUREWAL.
The forestay rigging, which holds the forward sail and helps secure the mast, tore loose and the drum used to furl the sail banged errantly, smashing parts of the bow and threatening to bash a hole in the boat.
Aurelien Collin needlessly gave away a throw-in by errantly passing to a confused ballboy, to the displeasure of the hard-working Mike Williams.
But if State Legislature is anxious about such xenophobia, it finally respects the society that phobia seeks to serve, however errantly.
As if dodging the traffic on University Parkway were not challenging enough, motorists also have to occasionally swerve around bouncing golf balls errantly launched from the par-three fifth at University Park Country Club.
179) A careless lawyer might errantly rely on a "final rule," not realizing it was only a "direct final rule" that had been replaced by a true final rule.
Just two months later, however, on October 15, she wrote to Joe again, with a very different critical perspective, perhaps still more errantly wayward: "Mozambique.
Scanning for weak index design on tables as well as performing normalisation checks to look at the number of joins a query will need to go through to access data are often overlooked on the original design, or are errantly changed (most frequently related to indexes) resulting in degraded performance.
We cannot transport a confusingly written, errantly statistically analyzed, or poorly conceptualized article into print in the JMHC, no matter how many times Jim Rogers taps the heels of his glittery red slippers and wishes it to be so.
Virgil's alcove in posterity was long established before Dante, even errantly in such anchored habits as the sortes Vergilianae and dubious hermeneutics applied to his Eclogue 4.