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This threshold was applied to remove data that may have recorded if an activity monitor was bumped and errantly registered a small number of steps.
In many cases, supply chain configuration decisions errantly determine business direction instead of the supply chain configuration executing the business direction.
A further kick in the teeth (you'll get that later) was given when Jack Of Diamonds, backed from 16s to 15-2, was narrowly beaten after running errantly up the home straight.
In response Everton could only highlight their disjointedness, as balls were fired errantly down the flanks finding touch and Moyes was left to urge his deep-sitting side forward.
The place had already smelled a little like urine, even before he'd errantly peed, so he didn't feel as bad as he might have.
Indeed, Lawson's words errantly imply that, in order for issues of race and class to be truly relevant to artistic expression, that art must embody the experience and perspective of all members of a given class or race.
T]he prior bad act finding works to minimize the risk of errantly committing an individual who has in the past successfully suppressed intense and recurrent sexual impulses.
the Federal Circuit's to ensure that it will not errantly deny a
And it hardly helped matters when, during one visit, the whole thing slowly began to come out of sync, with the bell errantly ringing between floors and the crowd from the previous sequence rather forlornly stuck in the doorway as it opened for what was supposed to be the beginning of the next scene.