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America's crops might fail because of erratic weather and climate migration.
When suspensions of solid particles in a fluid are transported at high particle concentration major problems often occur, such as catastrophic thickening or 'jamming' and highly erratic and apparently uncontrollable flow.
"The winds were pretty erratic yesterday," Scholting said.
He said the erratic behavior of Tomas had been influenced by the cold air coming from the northern hemisphere and the typhoon may disintegrate in the next two days.
Police are appealing for information after an 'erratic' driver clipped another vehicle and then failed to stop on the A84.
In the days before she died, the I Will Always Love You singer was seen to be in a dishevelled and erratic state .
A diplomatic dispute saw Chinese customers turn against South Korean goods, hurting Hyundai's sales and brand image, and while diplomatic ties have since stabilized, the automaker's recovery has been erratic booking China sales of 30,018 cars in July, down 40% from July last year and its lowest monthly total since the 2008 financial crisis.
MITHI -- Pakistan Peoples Party government would soon declare Thar drought-hit after receiving report about erratic rainfall in the desert region this monsoon to be furnished by the district administration, according to Qasim Siraj Soomro, newly elected MPA from Nagarparkar.
Blurred and erratic thinking on the city I THINK the city counsellor for Weoley and Selly Oak, Tristran Chatfield, has apparent blurred and erratic thinking.
Summary: California [United States], June 28 (ANI): To cater the needs of users residing in developing nations with erratic internet connectivity and entry-level devices with low storage, Instagram announced the Lite version of its app.
Heydarian also said Duterte's economic managers 'grapple with erratic and populist policies.'
Jenan Bahzad, the society general secretary, indicated in a statement that she was making the appeal for public restraint after monitoring some erratic behaviors -- harmful to the environment recently.