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police stopped the vehicle which was driving erratically and talked to the driver who seemed impaired by alcohol.
Though not widely known outside Madrid, Luis Salaberria is hardly a newcomer; he has been exhibiting for fifteen years, albeit erratically.
A Derbyshire police spokesman said: 'We are appealing for anyone who may have seen a white Transit van driving erratically along the A61 from Shirland towards Alfreton to come forward.
The 22-year-old was stopped by officers in a police patrol car on the A470 near Tongwynlais on September 20 after they saw him driving erratically.
The firefighter who was fired was smoking when a trooper arrested him for driving erratically.
Downriver, the Yangtze, depleted of sediment, could flow more forcefully, erode its banks, and flood erratically.
Indeed, an individual driving erratically enough can readily induce the sorts of traffic jams normally associated with much heavier traffic (SN: 7/3/99, p.
It's dramatic, but I also wanted a metaphoric meaning--that those ravaging winds were choosing what to destroy as erratically as soon-to-invade AIDS was.
PRIMARY school children were not allowed to leave school, after police received reports of a man behaving erratically outside.
Having also received reports of an Alfa Romeo driving erratically on Junction Road, we attempted to stop this vehicle.
A CAR being driven erratically on the M62 was spotted by police and then crashed - within minutes of its Key being stolen during a burglary.
The Babyshambles frontman was spotted driving erratically minutes after leaving a show in Gloucester's Guildhall.