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However, Los Angeles County Judge Yvette Palazuelos issued a tentative ruling that she had not erred on the verdict form, or with the dismissal of the negligence claim.
TA) erred when assessing Nochi Dankner's debt problems.
The court took each of the grounds which the defendants claimed warranted a reversal of the order of the trial court and determined that in none of the grounds cited by the defendants, had the trial court erred in either applying the applicable law or acting in abuse of the court's discretion.
It says the Court erred in making the PC virtually a meaningless and redundant body contrary to the intent and spirit of the new appointment system introduced by the Parliament through Article 175A.
The company believes that the court erred in its decision and intends to appeal.
The Second District Court of Appeal rejected Tajiddin Carter's argument that the judge erred when admitting into evidence statements made to deputies and at a preliminary hearing by victim Don Simmons, who couldn't be found to testify at the trial.
District Court held that the IRS erred in revaluing a decedent's minority ownership interest in four LLCs.
Lloyd, the court concluded that a prosecutor erred when he dismissed two citizens during jury selection for a criminal trial because of their perceived religious leanings.
Kopeikin counters that Will and other critics have erred in their calculations.
The chief veterinarian for the project, which was to produce the country's first clone from adult, or somatic, cells rather than embryonic cells, said the experiment erred either in the lab or in the field.
The United Methodist Church's highest court, its nine-member Judicial Council, decided April 25 that it erred last fall when it said bishops must suspend pastors during disciplinary review.
Despite the confusion between local and government law enforcement, Conlon erred orr the side of caution by ordering perimeter searches around several of his New York City properties.