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The learned judge erred in law and came to a wrong conclusion by holding that, the Governor has no power to set up a commission of inquiry on the issue of beaded crown wearing Obas and Coronet crown wearing Obas contrary to the provisions of the Chiefs Law of Oyo state which donates such powers and authority to the Governor.
Whether the commissioners erred in approving a USR application where the uncontroverted evidence demonstrated the proposed industrial use would violate the applicable noise standard.
where a is top is to Blues captain Michael Morrison returns to the fold after being left out against Bournemouth as Redknapp erred on the side of caution.
The High Court erred to mero moto amend rule 53 to include the review of executive decisions, alternatively, executive decisions of the nature of the impugned decision.
However, Los Angeles County Judge Yvette Palazuelos issued a tentative ruling that she had not erred on the verdict form, or with the dismissal of the negligence claim.
TA) erred when assessing Nochi Dankner's debt problems.
The court took each of the grounds which the defendants claimed warranted a reversal of the order of the trial court and determined that in none of the grounds cited by the defendants, had the trial court erred in either applying the applicable law or acting in abuse of the court's discretion.
Carter contended the judge erred in deciding that the prosecution had exercised due diligence to find Simmons.
I hope we erred in the lab, which means we [actually] cloned a calf from somatic cells-a first for Brazil," said Jose Visintin, DVM.
Despite the confusion between local and government law enforcement, Conlon erred orr the side of caution by ordering perimeter searches around several of his New York City properties.
The appeals court vacated and remanded, finding that district court erred in dismissing the petition.
Mead Corporation -- scheduled for argument on November 8 -- the government relies heavily on Correll to support its position that the appellate court erred in not recognizing the significant deference to be accorded revenue rulings.