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He also said that the FRSC has the legal power to retain driver's licence of any erring motorist found culpable in a traffic offence, adding that the driver's licence belongs to the federal government.
AUTHORITIES on Wednesday apprehended the erring taxi driver reported by the two vloggers.
These guidelines will help ensure the quality of social protection services the SWDAs provide and will help us take the appropriate action against any erring SWDA," she explained.
Ajman Police did not issue any fine on erring drivers.
New Delhi [India], Sept.26 ( ANI ): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has given four weeks to the Tamil Nadu Government to act against erring police officials responsible for the forced piercing of cheeks of about 20 children last year.
If the government finds that the two channels are erring, then they can approach the relevant regulatory authority for relief," he said.
The Indian central bank is to take action against erring cooperative banks for their role in money laundering.
According to Erring, Chief Minister Khandu, his four co-passengers and crew
Otherwise, you'd have to pick that erring brother out in a crowd--even if he was perched in a tree--beg him to come down, and then invite yourself to have dinner at his house.
Palou, however, stressed that a repetition of the act by any erring player will be dealt with more severely.
'To the contrary, the PCOO has issued a formal charge against the erring PCOO officer for gross neglect of duty and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of service on 24 September 2018,' Marvin Gatpayat, PCOO Chief of staff and undersecretary for legal affairs said in a statement.
The Philippine National Police (PNP) has put a stop to its practice of sending erring policemen to conflict-torn areas of the country, particularly in Mindanao where hundreds of errant cops from Metro Manila were sent last year.