erroneous reasoning

See: fallacy
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They can do so even on points of law or engage in erroneous reasoning because that's what humans do.
The reflexive acceptance of myths as truths leads to erroneous reasoning and erroneous conclusions, spilling over into other fields and skewing our worldview.
Identify the individual, and offer evidence for the adjective chosen as a description, but to label an entire group based on the actions of a few is faulty logic and erroneous reasoning.
That means that even if correct reasoning demonstrates that the state lacks a justification for acting because the available justifying reasons are in fact indeterminate, the state nonetheless would be justified if it acts on the basis of inconclusive, justified, yet erroneous reasoning.
Tindale's aptly named Fallacies and Argument Appraisal is an introductory text designed to expose students to a wide array of fallacies while consistently focusing on the argumentative implications of erroneous reasoning.
Unfortunately, this erroneous reasoning has crept into our literature.
The Supreme Court basically reversed this erroneous reasoning with a decision that no longer allows the NLRB to use that rationale to disqualify nurses from supervisory status.
Finally, if the error made by the author is one made frequently by students, it will become harder for the student to correctly learn economic principles since the student's erroneous reasoning has been 'verified' by the journalist or the expert.