erroneous statement

See: error
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In another erroneous statement, Kidwai writes that Shatrughan Sinha was cast as Jai in Sholay, when it is well-known that Sinha was only considered, not finalised, because Dharmendra put in a good word for Jaya Bahaduri's beau.
"There should be no misunderstanding that US consumers pay for tariffs on products that are imported," the companies said, refuting Trump's frequent erroneous statement that China pays the tariffs, creating a windfall for the US Treasury.
This claim is not only inaccurate, according to, but it repeats an erroneous statement the commander in chief made in May.
Ganabatirau was forced to correct an erroneous statement on the temple incident he had originally posted on Facebook on Monday - where he concluded that the temple attackers were a group of Muslims trying to stir up racial tension.
"This protest took place as Tharoor is the Lok Sabha member from here and hence this is nothing but a natural protest because of his erroneous statement,"said Mr Suresh.
He said that the Senate was being asked to impeach Corona all because he submitted an allegedly erroneous statement of assets, liabilities and net worth while he was in the Supreme Court (the most 'serious' charge against Sereno is that she did not submit some SALNs long before she became a member of the high court).
It was Mr Johnson's erroneous statement that she was in Iran to train journalists when in fact she was there on holiday that put her at risk of having her potential prison sentence increased.
Since many of the performance comparisons are based on this erroneous statement, many conclusions are incorrect.
"I want to apologize as well to all our listeners for having made an erroneous statement. I am sorry for the mistake.
We are here to tell you that this is an erroneous statement. From a language perspective there is much more similarity than difference between reviews.
We have explained to the SEC numerous times that Parallax and Tri-Star Advisors are separate entities, yet they continue to make this erroneous statement."
erroneous statement and the best way to handle this is to be honest.We have to be respon- sive and accountable for what we say on social media.