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However, the research documenting EFM's inefficacy confirms the erroneousness of this assumption and suggests the danger of relying on it.
Thus, assessing the examples and recognizing their erroneousness demonstrates how to read such assertions with the "skeptical scrutiny" that Justice Ginsburg's formulation of the intermediate scrutiny test requires.
By enabling archaeologists to do explicitly what they had always claimed to do implicitly, computer analyses had revealed the erroneousness and worthlessness of many traditional interpretations of archaeological data.
If the Old Catholics leave open further dogmatic definition and Congar exhorts us to seek complementarity with a possible future suppression of the filioque as a gesture of ecumenical humility,(9) although without any implication of its erroneousness, then the W.
A key point he made in the pamphlet concerned the erroneousness of religious beliefs that argued that battered married women should remain with abusive men.
While the notes faithfully report scribal and editorial corrections, they would have been more helpful had the editor shown more decisiveness: for example, at lines 3742-3, he reports the |probable' erroneousness of arriere, Andresen's proposed correction, but no opinion of his own.